Shaunie O’Neal

Shaunie and Evelyn are upset with Jenn, once again, Shaunie invites the group to Costa Rica for another dysfunctional girls trip, and word on the street is that OG wasn't allowed to film on stage at the reunion.

OG makes moves to become an LFL coach, Jackie Christie has a ponderosa for her podcast and more.

OG gets labeled as being "too aggressive," Kristen wants Thomas to make up with Byron, and more.

There's drama on the girls trip when Evelyn gets heated enough to throw a drink on Jennifer as Shaunie and Jackie try to get them back on the same page.

Shaunie decides to invite Jennifer on their girls trip to San Diego, Tami finally announces that she's married, and more.

Kristen continues bickering with CeCe and OG, Tami takes OG's side, Malaysia runs to get Byron's side of the story, but nothing actually gets resolved.

Ogom reveals some details about Kristen and Thomas that they didn't want to get out there, which sets off a firestorm of drama.

Jennifer says she's acting the way she has been acting because of her mother's death, Evelyn thinks it's all bull, Jackie wants everyone to get along and more.

Shaunie gets set off when Jenn shows up to her party, after hearing some messy news from Kristen, Byron's fiance CeCe is not feeling Kristen, Tami Roman got secretly married to Reggie, and more.

The 18-year-old UCLA basketball star is undergoing heart surgery.

Basketball Wives: LA boss woman Shaunie O’Neal is asking for prayers over her 18-year-old son, Shareef, after the athletic teen was hospitalized to undergo heart surgery. “If only I could take his place today,” Shaunie wrote in an emotional Instagram post. Earlier this year, Shareef was diagnosed with a heart disease. Shareef told TMZ, “during […]

All hell breaks loose when Jennifer comes to Amsterdam gets grilled by the group and nearly mauled by Malaysia for allegedly spreading rumors with malicious intent.