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Tonight’s season finale of Basketball Wives is the episode we’ve all been waiting for but it’s wilder than we thought! As we know, Jennifer decided to come to Amsterdam anyway, despite not being invited. However, Evelyn and Kristen think it’s a good idea for Jennifer to be there so they can have her sit with Shaunie and clear the air.


Kristen invites the other women to “Have drinks with her” so they’re obviously surprised when they find Jennifer there. It’s super awkward and Shaunie is really not happy to see her and she’s irritated that Evelyn invited Jennifer and actually feels betrayed. Malaysia is annoyed with Kristen for lying.

Anyway, Evelyn opens the floor for this discussion to get started and it all goes downhill from there. Malaysia expresses that she’s still mad at Jennifer for using her to take Evelyn down. Jennifer puts it off on Tami again and this becomes a back and forth with Jennifer looking just as shady as Spanish Moss in Savannah.

Malaysia doesn’t buy it. She’s tired of the BS and calls Jenn a “manipulative b–ch.” Jen doesn’t back down and continues trying to have this discussion and to clear her name. Then Malaysia asks if Evelyn knows all the things Jen said about her. Evelyn says she and Jen agreed to move on but Malaysia asks Evelyn if she wants to know all the malicious things Jen said and she does. Basically, Malaysia alleges that Jen spread all these evil rumors about Evelyn and dragged her daughter into it. Remember when Jackie said she heard that Evelyn’s daughter was a “build a whore?” Welp, That’s where Jackie got it from! Frankly, “build a whore” is a nicer way of framing what Jen is accused of saying. This obviously doesn’t sit right with Evelyn. Evelyn remains calm, but it’s that eerie pissed off kind of calm. She asks if Jen ever said anything negative about her daughter. Jen says no. Malaysia calls her a liar and they start going back and forth again. Jen continues trying to pretend she’s innocent and we finally get to Malaysia trying to lay Jen out. Malaysia throws a table, acting a dang fool abroad, and all kinds of dramatics ensues. Security shuts it down eventually (they’re not on it like Love and Hip-Hop though. In fact, it’s the women trying to hold Malaysia back and they don’t come out until table starts flying) but this is far from over.

Jackie and Kristen take Malaysia away to calm her down, which leaves Shaunie and Evelyn with Jen. Jen is standing there stuck on stupid.


Evelyn starts crying because her feelings are genuinely hurt. Then Shaunie stirs the pot more, because that’s what she does, and tells Evelyn more hurtful things that Jen allegedly told her about Shaniece. Jen again says she never said these things. Shaunie drops the f-bomb and leaves. Jennifer tells Evelyn this is the “team up on Jennifer trip.” Evelyn asks Jen if she really said these things, Jen says she didn’t and insinuates that the women got together and decided to rail against her, yatta yatta. Evelyn doesn’t believe Jen and decides to leave before she acts on her urge to swing on Jen.

This episode is the Jennifer is Over Party. Even Kristen is done.


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