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Name: Chantelle Tyler

Instagram: @chaantellie

Agency/Management: Wilhelmina

The first thing that you need to know about Chantelle Tyler is that she doesn’t care what you think. “As a child growing up I’ve always been very outspoken and rooted in my own opinion,” she said, “whether you like me or not whether you disagree with me or not.” The signed model who recently launched an eponymous blog dedicated to showcasing her life beyond the lens isn’t willing to taper down her opinions for other’s approvals.

“Society says a fat girl should take what she can get and that’s the funniest joke ever told,” she writes regarding dating. She makes no apologies for her predilection towards the “tall, chocolate and handsome.” On the dollar and a dream creation myth that has chewed up and spit out many a creative she writes, “Yes we hear the stories about people that move with just one bag and a one-way ticket and somehow magically they make it but how realistic is that? It’s not.”

Her outspokenness reflects an upbringing where she was taught to choose her ideas over others affections. She started journaling in high school and had been chronicling her thoughts on social media for years. When it was time to convert that practice into creating her own platform she knew she had to be brutally honest to make an impact.

For Tyler, the stakes are too great to sugarcoat her truths. She told Hello Beautiful that her insistence on transparency is about more than herself.

She said her parents encouraged her “to stand up for myself and stand up for others if need be.” Being willing to place her body and now her experiences up for public consumption is one of the ways she’s doing that.

“I think that women, young girls, they see me, even if it’s just an image of me and they feel more confident and they can work on their own self-love,” she said. “My image stands for confidence.”

“It’s been my parents that have instilled that in me really. My parents raised me as an only child to stand on my own two feet and always take charge, be a leader, not a follower.”

In the future, Tyler is looking forward to formalizing her efforts at empowering women of all ages by creating programs where they can have the space that her parents created for her to thrive.

“I think a lot of women grew up not being told they’re beautiful or they’re smart enough so they’re learning that as grown women. Whatever it is that’s bringing them down I’d really like to reach out to them and uplift them.”


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