She has since modeled for Saks Fifth Avenue’s newest designer Fe Noel, Universal Standard and Nike. 


“I don't feel like there's enough African-American women, enough plus-sized women doing high fashion.”


“I do think tech companies should step up and take the initiative to combat the issues surrounding body image," said Majors.


“It literally just kind of snowballed and one thing led to the next."

"When I walked out of the shop, I just felt so liberated and free. And I was just like, this is my look," said Rembert about the haircut that really did change her life.

We caught up with plus size model Lydia René who shares her experience about being one of the few plus size models to book a beauty campaign.


“First of all it’s a waste of my time,” Smith stated. “If I did my party showing up and providing you with my measurements, you should have also done your part making sure that you have something that would work with me."

The Finding Ashley Stewart Finale event is more than a plus size pageant; it's a celebration of body diversity and womanhood.


“When they’re looking up at those ads they’re like ‘Oh I’m shaped like that. I can wear that, because I look like that,” she said.


"I haven’t always been attracted to myself. I was always uncomfortable in my skin because there weren’t a lot of plus-size girls around me."

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