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Claim to Fame: Sanders starred in 2014’s “School Dance.” She has also appeared in major campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Bebe, Reebok, Aldo, and MCM.

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It would be easy to assume that Jasmine Sanders’ life is perfect. She has famous friends, a dedicated and equally ambitious life partner, and lips that could literally stop traffic with or without the help of a controversial contour kit.

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The German born, South Carolina raised model has experienced and accomplished more than many people will in a lifetime before her 30th birthday. But despite the fact that she was able to have her picture taken with the Obamas she still experiences rejection, just like the rest of us.

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"Even though it seems heaven sent we aint ready to see a black president" ~ Pac I remember the first time I heard those lyrics in 1998. I was 16 years old. Never in my lifetime, not to mention my parents or grandparents lives, could I image someone that looks like me holding the most powerful position on earth. 10 years later in 2008, Rocsi and I were beginning our careers at 106 & Park. I remember the profound pride I felt when our producers told us we would be interviewing (then Senator) Barack Obama days before the big election. I was so nervous, I couldn't sleep the night before. I remember ironing and laying out a Barack-The-Vote T Shirt that I planned on wearing the next day on air, like the first day of school. Over the next 8 years I would do things I never dreamed of. Working with the President, First Lady, and the administration over a wide variety of programs & initiatives to help others. Every time I step foot in the White House is an honor. Never gets old. Never gets stale. Feels like a real episode of House of Cards every single time. Which is why today is so bittersweet. Regardless of how anyone may feel about Obamas policy's and politics, the influence that he and his family have had on the world is undeniable. 8 years of class, style, and grace. 8 years of inspiration. 8 years of swag. If you are 16 years old, you have a very different example of what can be achieved in this country. And no matter what race, religion, or background you come from – the Obamas are proof of what hard work and dedication can do. I've been on TV for over 10 years. I've had the pleasure hosting, producing, and staring in dozens of shows, programs and events. But I can say with certainty I've never hosted anything like the show that airs tonight. And being able to introduce Jas to the President and First Lady was just icing on the cake. Please join Regina Hall and I as we host Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration at 9pm on @BET – A show that's been in the making for a very long time…

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This year she was up for the gig of walking in the Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show extravaganza. The event is broadcast to millions of people annually and can make a model’s career (not that a women who earned the nickname “The Golden Barbie” really needs any help in that department).

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Despite her poreless skin, enviable figure, almond shaped eyes, and dogs with more Instagram followers than the average small business she didn’t get the job.

She had no shortage of petty avenues available to her for her response.

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She could have pointed out the alarming number of women on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk who seem to look exactly the same, she could have tried to cajole her 3 million followers to pick up some FashionNova lingerie, she could have blamed unfounded rumors about her personal life, cried foul play, or stayed in the house crying instead she chose grace.

Sanders took Instagram shortly after getting the call that she didn’t make the cut to publicly thank everyone who had been pulling for her to make an appearance acknowledging her stylist, trainer, and the other people in the background who make every breathtaking image of her possible.

Etam : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2018

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“Shed a few thug tears this morning,” she wrote. She even congratulated her peers who would be walking in the show and the brand for considering her showing a level of transparency and professionalism few continue to demonstrate as they get to the top.  

The move was reflective of her upbringing. While some of the elite models we see today spent their childhoods ordering around servants and being chauffeured Sanders spent hers with a military father and practical mother who weren’t going for bratty antics. She stays grounded by remaining close with them and the friends she made growing up.

Philipp Plein - Runway - September 2017 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

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She told W Magazine the best parental advice she received was “Don’t slack because there’s somebody ready to take your place.” She took it to heart and is preparing to introduce herself to the public as “more of a businesswoman” in the coming years.  Good manners and motivation hint that there’s more to the Golden Barbie than meets the eye.


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