Good manners and motivation hint that there's more to the Golden Barbie than meets the eye.

We don't want to speak too soon, but it looks like Terrence found himself a keeper...

He has a type, and it's a long-legged model, apparently.

Not only is the actor handsome, he is a strong, college-educated Black man.

Terrence J. produces and stars in "The Perfect Match" which is eerily similar to his previous films, "Think Like A Man" and "Baggage Claim"


Wale, Terrence J and Michelle Obama are encouraging kids nationwide to seek higher education.

GQ Celebrated their 2014 “Men of the Year” last night in L.A. and the cuties came out! We’ll start by swooning over our favorite hyper-intelligent funny man Dave Chappelle who was photographed in the #HandsUpDontShoot pose that has been made popular nationwide by Ferguson protestors. You can count on him for always getting it right […]


The romantic comedy “Think Like A Man Too” is a fun look at the extreme lengths men and women go to one up each other when  it comes time to celebrate a couple’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. The spirit of the battle of the sexes was alive and well when we interviewed the entire cast […]