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God said “Let there be light” and it was LIT ✨

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Agency: Red Models

Instagram: @iamasadugger/ @heythrivegirl

Claim to Fame: Dugger appeared on BET representing the political concerns of Black millennials alongside of our good sis Angela Rye. She has also worked and CBS served as a social media ambassador for New York’s Annual Brown Girls Love Power Conference.  

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Personal Post: Today makes 22 years of my life and looking at me now you’d have no idea that I was born with a cleft lip and palate, was molested throughout my childhood, sexually harassed, discriminated, beaten, used, underestimated and abandoned. Today at 22, because of GOD I have joy and freedom instead of envy, hate and resentment. The Devil THOUGHT he had me, but GAWWWDD always stepped in right on time!!!! 🙋🏾‍♀️ God has protected me and allowed me to use my pain to liberate others including myself. . Today at 22, I know the Lord for myself, I’m traveling the world, I have a bachelors degree, I’m launching my business next week, investing in my first stock and living life like it’s GOLDEN! ✨ All this to say, THERE’S BEAUTY IN YOUR BROKENNESS. STAND IN IT. BE WHO YOU ARE. LIVE FOR THE LORD AND WATCH YOU REAP THE BLESSINGS OF HIS KINGDOM!!!!✨#iamwhoiam

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It seems like every day another news report is circulating about how today’s young adults are rejecting religion in favor of secular values. Everyone from PBS to the Los Angeles times has weighed in on how millennials are leaving behind the church pew.

But while the majority of her peers may be abandoning the Bible in favor of searching for their own spiritual solutions model and digital influencer Asa Dugger sets herself apart out by being unafraid to embrace her Christianity in her personal and professional interactions.

The South Jersey native openly discusses her faith and the way that it informs her choices on her Youtube channel and social media accounts unafraid of the effect it might have on potential partners or employers. 

In between images of her trying on new face masks, rocking elegant pantsuits, and taking in the scent of fresh sunflowers are Bible verses from Romans, Exodus and Proverbs.

Though she is just as tall and beautiful as the job requires, she attributes the confidence that allows her to step in front of the cameras to her faith and not her looks. She spends more time promoting positivity and self-reflection than appetite suppressants and teeth whiteners. Dugger is also committed to being transparent about the moments of doubt behind the photos of her with celebrities like Gayle King and Robin Roberts, sharing the affirmations she uses to bring her reassurance with her followers and viewers of her Youtube channel. She also shares the negative experiences that drove her to seek solace in spirituality including abuse and sexual harassment

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So proud to announce that ya girl is officially a contracted model with @red_models!!!! I’m also the FIRST, curvy model to be represented! (Cause ya know ya girls got hips for dayssss hahaha) Still in disbelief, especially since I almost let fear talk me into going home instead of going to the open call. . . I’ve been striving for this since 2014! Looking back at my very first photo I posted on here almost brings me to tears. I’ve lost insight plenty of times of my initial dream of being a model and actress but little by little I stuck by it- Glory to God! I’m so happy that God has led me to the very thing I LOVE TO DO and can EMPOWER while doing it! . . The work here is just getting started. It’s #GRINDTIME!!!!!💪🏾💪🏾

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Dugger is so committed to her religious beliefs that when using her communications degree from Kean University to develop the concept for her own digital community she opted to make it a “platform cultivating seeds of purpose within girl-bosses locally and globally via Christ, conversation and travel” because the fact that she is devout doesn’t stop her from working hard or having fun!

Recently signing to Red Models, Dugger is just getting started spreading her personal message around the globe.

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ASA DUGGER. Know the name. Know the face.⚡️

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