After a 4-year hiatus, Victoria's Secret emerged at New York Fashion Week with its World Tour 2023 event, and the stars were in the building.

Savage X Fenty paved the way, and now Victoria's Secret is following suit.

Who needs Victoria's Secret when we have Savage x Fenty?


Cheyenne Maya-Carty's career started with a summer night in a skate park and it's been full of Cinderella moments ever since including getting booked for the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

There was a time when Barbie wasn’t brown. She didn’t have full lips, or a gap between her teeth. Then came Iesha Hodges.

Good manners and motivation hint that there's more to the Golden Barbie than meets the eye.

Jovita Jones brought the paid-for lingerie back to the store because the cashier forgot to remove the sensor. Of course, they thought she was stealing.

Born on the French Riviera, she's a welcome face to the growing presence of diversity on the runway.

She was discovered at an open call in her hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


According to Joan, women of all shapes and sizes should look beautiful.

In a statement, the popular lingerie company confirmed that the store manager responsible for the racial profiling has been fired.