South carolina

14th Circuit Solicitor Duffie Stone told reporters on Friday that Raniya Wright died from a congenital medical condition called Arteriovenous Malformation.

Raniya Wright was knocked unconscious and died two days later in the hospital. The authorities have released little information about her death.

Good manners and motivation hint that there's more to the Golden Barbie than meets the eye.

Amtrak Train 91 was traveling between New York and Miami when it collided with a CSX freight train early Sunday morning.

Joe Thomas Sr. says that playing in Saturday's South Carolina State game was "one of the happiest days" of his life.

Prosecutor said that the Spring Valley assault looked “worse on the video" than in reality. Huh?

Church officials gave the families of the victims $1.5 million, but are retaining $1.8 million for building maintenance, memorials and scholarships.

June Cross’ eye opening documentary about the HIV epidemic in South Carolina aired Monday night on PBS.

Questions swirl about what caused the death of a woman locked up in South Carolina.

Al Roker apologized after tweeting a smiling selfie during the historic flooding in South Carolina over the weekend.