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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is all about sexcapades. We pick up the episode from the ambush dinner Ray J alleges to have organized to get to the bottom of things, but we get to the bottom of nothing. Pregnant Lyrica goes is going all the way off. Ray J continues stirring the pot. He says that this is an important talk to have since Lyrica is pregnant because now we need to know who’s baby it is.




Anyway, Ray J’s comment is all it takes for A1 to lunge at Safaree. Security breaks it up because that’s what they do. A1 stands down but he also mentions that he’s mad at Ray too, as he should be. As far as the sex in question, Lyrica is still denying it and Safaree talked in circles. First, it was that he told Ray that he sent Lyrica an eggplant pic and that he smashed. Safaree is just talking in circles and not answering the question. Lyrica asks A1 if he wants her to take a lie detector test and A1 says he doesn’t believe in that stuff. That should be enough to end this, but we know what show this is. Hold that thought.


Now we’re at the point where Teairra Mari’s sex tape leaked. Here we go…

Everyone knows what’s up now and Teairra is on the warpath. She bashes in Akbar’s car windows in as revenge because she believes he leaked the videos. Akbar denies that he leaked it but the circumstances are fishy. He had all her passwords and shortly after she broke up with him he texts her talking about how someone stole his phone with their sex videos on them then coincidentally, her flicks are all over the place shortly after that.


Teairra confronts him about this behavior but he really just seems like a disrespectful man who gives no effs. He even tries to flip it and accuses Teairra of leaking her own sex tape. Instead of drinking, though, Teairra fights back by getting the law involved. As we all know she hired Lisa Bloom to represent her. In case you didn’t know, Lisa Bloom is legendary in these streets. Let the games begin.

Now back to Ray J’s messy arse. You would have thought he would have learned his lesson about meddling in people’s business but he links up with Roccstar and Roccstar tells Ray J that Lyrica was flirting with him and sent him suggestive text messages yatta yatta and the insinuation is that Roccstar smashed Ray J too.


But then Ray J reveals that Lyrica is pregnant and of course the Maury jokes fly and now Ray J thinks they have to tell A1.


Let’s fast forward to the episode’s conclusion. Ray holds a “gentlemen’s night.” Basically, it’s Solo Lucci, Marcus and A1 having a fake card game. Ray J allegedly feels bad about what happened with A1 and wants to make amends.


A1 is the last to show up. He greets everyone but Ray because like we established earlier, he’s pissed off at Ray. Ray feigns indignation, they try to have a “civil” conversation but A1 is irritated and you know where this leads…


They don’t fight because you know how tight security is. But then Ray J’s simple self-tells A1 to holla at Roccstar because he said he slept with Lyrica too and that the streets are saying Lyrica smashed mad dudes. And then Marcus jumps in talking about he heard the same thing (via gossip from Lyrica’s so-called friend Brooke) and Solo Lucci is chiming in with his little tidbits.

Basically, A1’s thing is, he already patched things up with Lyrica so why are they still in his business? No lies detected.

The end of the Hollywood Amigos is official.


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