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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood picks up with the reminder that Lyrica and A1’s marriage is (allegedly) falling apart (A1 claimed he was filing for divorce). We begin with a montage featuring respective vignettes of Lyrica and A1 talking about how they’re living their best lives. They’re both continuing to let their egos get in the way of making peace but a lot of us have a hunch that they’ll probably make up, especially since #Theblogs are reporting that Lyrica is (allegedly) pregnant by A1. Then again, you know how #TheBlogs pin pregnancy rumors on everyone. We’ll just have to wait and see how this unfolds.


Next Paris digs up some dirt on Akbar, Teairra Mari’s shady boyfriend. Basically, she was on social media and saw a woman claiming to be his wife so she brings this news to Nikki and they get to plotting about telling Teairra Mari in person.

Lyrica’s second album is in the works and since she’s on the outs with A1 she decided to find some new blood for a collaboration. You guessed it, she’s going to work with Roccstar, the producer who has beef with A1 and tried to still his artist (Apple). Lyrica informs Roccstar that she and A1 are going through it, and Roccstar jumps at the chance to work with her and to talk greasy about A1. Lyrica just encourages him.


Fast forward a bit and now we’re at a showcase. You already know, this sets the stage for people to get together for gossip and beef. This is when Paris and Nikki tell Teairra that suspect Akbar is married based on social media. Teairra denies that he’s married but she’s really just trying to save face because she’s embarrassed. Nikki and Paris tell her they’re here for her when she needs them (but we know they’re not going to let this go). Later on, Teairra confronts Akbar about the situation and Akbar tells her that he’s not married and the woman in question is someone from his past, of course. You know how this goes.


Back to the Brooke, Stasi and Marcus saga. Basically, Brooke and Marcus are back together and Brooke is acting super psycho, claiming that if Stasi is pregnant then she’ll happily be the stepmother because she never wanted to have another baby anyway. Long story short, Stasi finally gets a blood test and we determine she isn’t pregnant. She also walks away from Marcus for good. Good for her because Marcus admitted that he enjoys Brooke’s crazy.

Paris and Nikki trick Akbar’s (alleged) wife, Sade, into meeting up with them. Let’s cut to the chase. Sade says that Akbar is her husband and she doesn’t seem to care about what he does. She says that whatever Akbar does with Teairra is his business. Then Paris asks if it’s an open relationship and Sade says it’s not but she doesn’t know her enough to go into all those details.

Then Paris calls him a womanizer and Sade turns up. She says not to talk about her husband like that then asks if Paris is in the bedroom with TT and Akbar to know that they’re actually sleeping with each other. Sade gets so flustered that she chucks the deuces on them.

Um, yeah, this is weird af.


Finally, we wind down the episode at another showcase. Apple encourages Lyrica to talk to A1 but Lyrica isn’t happy when she gets over to his area and finds him kicking it with Solo Lucci and La’Britney. It’s the La’Britney part Lyrica has a problem with because Lyrica knows La’Britney has been hanging around A1 a lot lately, most recently, on stage with him at a show so her Spidey Senses are tingling. Plus, La’Britney cops an attitude as soon as Lyrica asks who she is. So, they get into it. Obviously. Lyrica tells her she’s being disrespectful and all of a sudden she’s claiming A1 as her husband again. La’Britney call her a b–ch, which upsets A1 because La’Britney doesn’t know they’re on bad terms so that’s just rude Then Roccstar’s messy arse gets involved adding his two cents where it doesn’t belong and acting all buddy-buddy with Lyrica. A1 demands to know why he’s involved in this on Lyrica’s behalf in the first place. Roccstar says he and Lyrica have been best friends for years.

Um, how did A1 not know that Roccstar and his wife were “best friends.”


Anyway, they almost fight but security always comes through in the clutch and we end the episode on that ratchet note but we’ll be back next week.


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