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Tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives still isn’t the episode where Malaysia attempts to Compton Sonic Boom Jennifer Williams. Instead, we pick back up at Jackie’s PSA unveiling party where no fight breaks out amid some bickering. Jennifer ends up not having to peppers pray anyone, which is what she was threatening to do. The PSA goes off without a hitch and people are impressed. But this drama with Jenn is far from over.

Fast forward a bit and we find more of the same — the group is talking about how they don’t rock with Jennifer. Jenn and Kristen are still hanging out. Jenn seems to feel like the entire group is coming at her neck for no real reason. Kristen is having nanny drama, then they talk about other fluff that we don’t really care about, including going to a speed dating thing for Jenn, but again, we’ve Malaysia to pop off on Jenn is on our minds like…


And we’re still waiting…

It has been at least three episodes by now since they’ve been teasing that moment but whatever.

In other news, Kristen and Cece still aren’t rocking with each other and Malaysia feels like she’s in the middle of their drama. It gets really bad when Cece sends Kristen a text telling her that Byron (Cece’s husband) doesn’t want to do brunch, dinner, birthdays etc with Kristen and her husband anymore because they never offer to pay their portion of the bill. Kristen claims that it’s not like that and that Cece and Byron always jump in and say they got it and demand that they don’t pay. Malaysia wants them to make peace for the sake of family but um…it doesn’t look like peace is coming any time soon.


Kristen then says Byron and Cece haven’t even seen her daughter in a long time and they live right down the street from her. Kristen seems to place the blame on Cece, as if she’s the one keeping Byron from family. She says Byron’s ex-wife never would have allowed family not to be number one. Now Malaysia seems to be on Kristen’s side and says that Cece shouldn’t be allowed to push them out and that they need to fix it. You know how these women communicate like toddlers so fixing it probably won’t go over well.

That’s where the meat of the episode ends. Next week Shaunie invites the group to Amsterdam and they’re still teasing us but we’re getting closer so we’ll see if this is the one.


See you next week.

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