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Teairra Mari is back on Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood and we already know about her revenge porn drama but now we get to really see things play out with her now former boyfriend/manager, Akbar, whom she’s suing for leaking her nudes and sex videos. At the moment (on the show), she and Akbar are all good and working on her career, but Akbar is already giving off controlling ain’t ish vibes. Basically, he doesn’t like the fact that TT hangs out with Nikki. His explanation is that Teairra is above Nikki since she’s an artist and Nikki is just a socialite so that’s not a good association in his mind. But what it probably really is, is that Nikki knows BS when she sees it and isn’t afraid to call it out and he’s nervous about losing control.


Anyway, Teairra still plans to hang out with Nikki, whom she describes as one of the only people who had her back but she does believe that Akbar is in her corner too. That latter part becomes painfully clear later on when Akbar rolls up on Teairra while she’s kicking it with Nikki and Paris at a rooftop party. He starts talking down on Nikki again then he starts talking about how he doesn’t want her to start drinking again, which is a sore spot for Teairra, and demands that she leaves with him like he’s her dang daddy and Teaira follows him. Nikki and Paris are just looking like:


Meanwhile, Lyrica does an interview on Donatella’s show. The two of them have made peace since last season and during their interview, Lyrica talks about all the things. You know, the Safaree anaconda drama, etc. Lyrica doesn’t address it, but Lyrica G (her mama) says she wasn’t impressed with what she saw. Then she starts talking trash about K Michelle, and Lyrica tells her she looks stupid and she needs to stop making a fool of herself. Obviously, being called dumb by your own child is not something that would go over well so Lyrica G cuts her interview short as a result and storms out giving us all the dramatics.

But hold up. She wasn’t impressed by Safaree’s peen? What type of D holds her attention then?


Then AD stops by Lil Fizz’s place to pick up Fizz and Moniece’s son’s sneakers for basketball Practice, but she discovers that Fizz is dating her best friend Tiffany. If you recall, Tiffany and Moniece have beef because Tiffany felt like the latter was bad for AD. AD is obviously shocked to see Tiffany and wonders if this is on some shady ish. Fizz says he really likes Tiffany and he wasn’t trying to be messy, which is believable given Fizz’s hopeless romantic tendencies. But AD obviously still feels some type of way and we all know that Psycho Moniece is not going to be happy about this.


Last week, we were left with an unclear answer about weather Safaree and Lyrica smashed or not, but Ray spills the deets to Princess. He tells Princess that Safaree confirmed that he and Lyrica did have sex. Ray kicks the usual spiel—you know, he doesn’t want to be in the middle of this and thinks he should tell A1. Princess tells him that minding your business is free and he should try it sometime. He claims he will, but we know what show this is. A1 will be getting that news in 5, 4, 3, 2…


Next, we discover that Marcus’ new girl, Stasi, might be pregnant. Womp womp. He’s not happy about it and neither is Brooke, who thought she was going to get Marcus back after playing games to hurt him and telling him to go be free. It seems like Marcus really wants to be back with Brooke but this possible baby is looming over their heads. Plus, he has to break up with Stassi which will also be difficult. Why we don’t know what the results are yet is beyond me because pregnancy tests only take five minutes and they have the kind that can detect the pregnancy hormone early, so…


The good news is, Brooke doesn’t have cancer. Yay!

Lyrica and A1 get together to try to talk on their own and it does not go well at all. Lyrica starts telling A1 all the stuff she did for him and how she was there for him when he was on food stamps. Then A1 starts talking about how fake she is and listing all of her allegedly fake body parts. She starts talking about all the things that are fake on him including his dreads (which is surprising because those joints looked real). He calls her a bum. She tosses her wedding ring at him and in the end, he says he’s filing for divorce.

Finally, we end with AD, Moniece, Tiffany, and Fizz attempting a peace talk and you already know that becomes a fail. Moniece is still kicking that yang about how Fizz doesn’t support her and lets his women disrespect her, and the episode wraps with security trying to keep Tiffany from fading Moniece.


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