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A California woman is accusing a San Jose Macy’s of racial discrimination and profiling after she was wrongly accused of shoplifting.

According to NBC Bay Area NewsConteh Moore, whose African-American, told them that on May 8 while she was shopping at the store, a sales associate accused her of swiping a bottle of cologne.

“They searched my purse and stripped my sweater off me,” Moore said, stressing that they never asked her permission to do that.

When the staff member didn’t find the cologne, instead of apologizing, Moore said the woman made a comment that confirmed her suspicion that she was only accused of shoplifting because she was Black.

“She said people like you have been stealing from Macy’s, stealing stuff,” she said.

Macy’s told NBC Bay Area News that it’s against its store’s policy to profile its customer’s and that they are looking into the incident. They also issued the following apology: “We apologize. The situation is currently under investigation and is being reviewed. Macy’s is a company that values acceptance, respect, and integrity and does not tolerate discrimination of any type.”

In the meantime, Moore says the incident caused her a lot of pain as it went down in front of dozens of other customers.

“I feel so humiliated, and up until now, I am still feeling the pain.”

In addition, Moore told the news station she plans on suing the store.


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