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Micheal Brown has quite a choice in front of him as he’s gotten into 20 of the nation’s top schools–each offering him a full scholarship.

It’s good to have options. One Houston teen hit a perfect streak in his college applications, getting letters of acceptance to all from all of the schools to which he applied.

“It’s something I’m proud of because I see my hard work paying off, determination paying off, sacrifices paying off,” Micheal told CNN. That hard work resulted in a nearly perfect Straight A record (he once got a B, and it was very difficult for him). According to, that’s a 4.68 GPA for Michael’s high school career.

The 17-year-old cast a wide net and aimed high, applying to 20 of the best colleges and universities in the country. He was floored to discover that all 20 of the schools accepted him. Not just that, but they all offered him a full ride, so Micheal earned more than $260,000 in scholarships.

The acceptances began pouring in last December, and he opened the first one at a friend’s house to alleviate the pressure of cracking it open in front of his entire family. However, he still made sure to invite his mom for the momentous occasion because this was not a time to leave out the woman that gave him life and watched his entire academic career.

“After sixth grade, Mike was in control of his education,” Micheal’s mom, Berthinia Rutledge-Brown, told CNN. “He was focused, he knew what he wanted and he made his own decisions.”

Berthinia was filming as he opened the acceptance letter from Stanford. He also applied to seven other Ivy League schools: Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown and Vanderbilt.

Wherever Micheal does choose to go, he plans to major in Political Science and minor in Economics.


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