The professional pipeline 501c3 initiative and premier beauty brand have collaborated on a life changing financial award for young girls of color.

One New Orleans teen can go just about anywhere he wants for college, but he has more than 80 schools to choose from. High School senior Darrin Francois has a stack of acceptance letters to sift through. They’re his bounty from blitzing through college applications, and he submitted so many that he eventually lost count […]

Micheal Brown has quite a choice in front of him as he’s gotten into 20 of the nation’s top schools–each offering him a full scholarship. It’s good to have options. One Houston teen hit a perfect streak in his college applications, getting letters of acceptance to all from all of the schools to which he […]


West Texas is shaken by the news that a student currently enrolled at Texas Tech University has officially been charged with the murder of a campus police officer earlier this week. Hollis Daniels, a 19-year-old student at Texas Tech, has been charged in the shocking death of a campus police officer while he was at […]

This Eritrean-American woman is proving that people with disabilities are only limited by the opportunities they lack.

Yara Shahidi is continuing to be young Black excellence as it rains college acceptance letters.

Under this new universal public college tuition plan, students will have waived tuition if their families earn less than $120,000 a year.

The four brothers are living out their collegiate dreams with most prestigious universities in the country.

The "black-ish" star plans on double-majoring in African-American studies and sociology.

Plus, University of Texas-San Antonio offering academic course on Beyoncé's "Lemonade" and Trayvon Martin's parents will release new memoir about their son's death in Jan. 2017.