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Michael B. Jordan is so fine, he could make a woman bite through steel.

Black Panther had plenty of people feeling thangs. The eye candy was abundant and the thirst was very real in theaters across the world. However, when Michael Bae Jordan whipped off his shirt to face off with Chadwick Boseman, it was simply too much sexy for one teen named Sophia Robb to take.

One California orthodontist shared that Sophia bit down so hard when she saw Michael shirtless that it snapped her retainer! The story was simply too good for him to keep to himself.

Tgirl’sthodontist didn’t reveal the girls identity; she outed herself on Twitter once she discovered that she was a hot topic. Most people would be mortified after being aired out like this, and she was no different.

And in another instance of Twitter being undefeated, she quickly became a meme. With a few minutes to absorb the situation, she began to reluctantly absorb the Internet fame and handled it with a great sense of humor. And she wasn’t going to waste her opportunity to get to Bae.

Eventually, Sophia got her wish, and Michael caught wind of the incident. Awkwardly flattered by the story, the Black Panther star offered to cover the repairs.

Sophia has now changed her Twitter bio to read, “I’m the girl who broke her retainer over Michael B Jordan in Black Panther.” She’s still stanning out over the movie, and she’s fully encouraging everyone to go see it.


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