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It all started with one fat shaming social media post.

Comedian Lil Duval, who still lies under the weight of his recent transphobic comments, decided to weigh in on the weight and size of Quantasia Sharpton, a woman who is embroiled in a legal battle with R&B singer Usher Raymond. Sharpton is one of several accusers who have come forward, alleging that they contracted herpes from the singer after numerous sexual trysts.

On Monday, Sharpton appeared alongside celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom during a morning press conference, calling Usher to the carpet about a sexual encounter that she had with the singer when she was 19. Sharpton did not contract herpes, but is filing a lawsuit against Raymond, scolding him for not being forthcoming about his health status.

Lil Duval, along with thousands others, immediately thought it was necessary to comment on Sharpton’s appearance, tweeting a picture of her with the caption, “I refuse to believe Usher f***** this.”

He then followed it up with a┬ápost where he wrote, “I’ll believe Usher gay before I believe he f***** that girl.”

Sharpton of course caught wind of the comedian’s criticisms and clapped back. But instead of focusing on the comedian, she went for the jugular by retweeting a follower’s comment.

“Y’all fat shame every plus-size black woman..except for your moms,” the tweet said.

She then posted a picture of the entertainer and his mother with the caption, “Mom a whole fat as butterball,” underneath.

Duval then took up his Twitter handle to Tweet, “B**** you won’t live long enough to make it to my momma age.” He followed it up with the comment, “This ain’t what you want hoe. U better tap out. I’m being nice.”

We hope this dance ends soon, because honestly nobody wins when the family feuds. The fat shaming needs to stop.


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