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A situation where you can let go and turn up can happen anywhere, not just at a nightclub or house party. It’s nothing to catch someone in a car dancing to their jam at full volume or even at home belting out the lyrics to their favorite songs as if on stage in front of a sold out arena.

In fact, what makes getting turnt up the most fun is doing it where it’s least expected. To further drive the point home, Jamal Jimoh, social media personality and co-host of the Marissa Explains It All podcast spoke to a few New Orleans natives about their most memorable situations where getting turnt up was nothing short of hilarious.

Forget about the hottest concert, what about eating a ton of sour gummies for a sugar rush that could power a small town? How about going on a vacation to an exotic island and starting a party on the beach? That’s exactly the type of responses we got in this episode of The Q.

What is your ultimate turn up situation? Let us know in the comments below and share a few laughs.

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