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Oh the mythical, simultaneous big O. Yes, we get it, your partner is generous and makes sure you get yours before they get theirs. But cuming at the same time as your partner could bring a whole new level of intensity to your bedroom sesh.

89% of couples have achieved orgasm at the same time, but it’s a rare feat, according to NetDoctor. Here are some tips to make this fantastic moment happen more often in your sex life:

  1. Work those kegels. You know those muscles you squeeze when you have to pee, but have to hold it? Those are your kegels; the stronger they are, the more likely you are to have powerful orgasms.
  2. Hit That ‘Spot.’ It takes knowing your partner to hit the coveted g-spot, but you can always have so much fun while learning. Luckily, there are pillows created to support our bodies in order to make hitting the angle easier.
  3. Lube Is Key. Don’t be shy about adding some lubrication to your situation.  Repeat after me: slippery is sexy.
  4. Slow Down. There is no rush to the finish line.  75% of men orgasm every time they have sex, compared to 28% of women. Those stats aren’t really in our favor. But they can be if you have a partner who puts your first and considers your needs. Men can use a love ring to prevent ejaculation during intercourse.
  5. Don’t Forget Your Clitoris. I mean, how could we forget that powerful little bundle of nerves that delivers tons of pleasure? But it happens. Masturbation helps to stimulate this part of your vagina, and your partner can also use his finger or tongue to stimulate it as well.




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