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Blac Chyna is just days away from having her first child with fiancé, Rob Kardashian. The 28-year-old who already has a child with rapper, Tyga, has a reputation for taking no crap, and it looks like she’s being tested in these very fragile days.

Which leads us to the ever-controversial, Wendy Williams, who decided to speak out of turn regarding the reality star’s relationship.

“This is a quick mention, but something tells me this will be more than just quick,” Williams started off by saying. “They’ve been shopping a reality show for the birth of their baby. Well, No. 1, been done. Kourtney gave birth to two on TV. DJ Khaled SnapChatted the entire experience. So what are you going to offer us that’s new? Nothing.”

“I really do love Rob. And for those of us who have been there since the beginning when Rob was thin, smarter, more of a go-getter… when Rob had more confidence. When Rob was dating Adrienne Bai-lon. And he just seems to be a different kind of guy now. Rob has just given up.”

Adding, “Chyna comes from the world of pole. Can we talk? I feel like this is great come up for Chyna. Not every woman can be marching on Congress, or running for president, or having a talk show, or being a professor at Harvard. There are some women who are left to their own devices and apparently that was Chyna. That’s why a woman goes to the pole… And her come up is she runs into this guy and takes full advantage of everything.”

She goes on to say that Rob has no back-bone and should dress “like a man with confidence”— all the while making the audience laugh.

But for obvious reasons, this was no laughing matter to the former exotic dancer.

“Wendy.. Wendy.. Wendy….you lost your motherfu**in mind h**?” Chyna says in a scathing Instagram post.

“How dare you speak on me, my fiancé, and my mom like you were at the Christmas table with us?! I find it so funny how you love to talk about Rob and his insecurities like at a point in time you wasn’t a fat 400 pound a** b**ch on the radio! You telling him to put some some bass in his voice? You want him to be like Kevin? Right you want Rob to put some bass in his voice and a fist upside my head next right? You want him to be like your husband? Rob is MY MAN! MINE! I love him for who he is which is why we are together. Therefore it doesn’t f**king matter what you ‘think’ or ‘want’ him to be he’s not for you B**ch!”

The truth is, Wendy is just one of the few people that will have negative things to say about BlacRob. But that’s why it’s so important to keep positive, accepting people around at all times. That, and avoid watching Wendy’s gossipy show.

At the end of the day we hope Chyna has a stress-free birthing experience.

Watch the clip from The Wendy Williams Show below (starts at 3:00).


Tokyo Toni caught wind of Wendy Williams’ on-air statements and has replied via Instagram. In a long post, the mother of Blac Chyna claims she’s suffering anxiety and depression from the talk show host’s comments about her family.

Toni says: See when you rich and have $ you don’t care if people doff you out or your name!! B**ch I am climbing!! So Imma climb on your head and pocketbook in COURT!! I will be in NEW YORK on Monday !!! I am suing you @wendyshow!! You f**king my money up- and giving me physical health problems Anxiety and depression! Harrassment etc!! It’s hendering my job etc!! My money is being stopped due to my health! I have to be in the state you are in so New York it is! Yes I am suing you and your show of defamation of my character!!! I have asked you to stop it and you haven’t!! Okay cool!!

She goes on to note that she’ll be making a trip to New York City this week to file a suit against Williams.

We’re pretty sure Chyna is due anyway now, so we’d hope Toni would be in Los Angeles for the birth of her second grandchild. But priorities are priorities. We’re sure this won’t be the end to this ratchet story.


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