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Alaska Reporter Who Quit On Air, Faces 54 years In Prison For Working In Weed Industry 

Remember Charlo Greene, the reporter from Alaska who in 2014 quit on air and admitted to wanting to work in the marijuana industry? “F$ck it, I quit,” she said, before abruptly walking off camera.

Well now two years after becoming a viral sensation, Green is facing some pretty serious charges for her new profession. According to The Guardian, Greene’s marijuana clubs, which are not licensed, were constantly raided, even though Alaska was the 3rd state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014. Yet, Greene has been charged with 18 criminal offenses of “misconduct involving a controlled substance,” which could result in a whopping 54 years in prison if convicted.

It’s almost dizzying when you try to make sense of it. It could literally cost me the rest of my adult life,” she said.

Green is calling what’s happening to her a “modern-day lynching” as the state of Alaska isn’t helping her legitimize her business. Even her critics saying the charges against the 26-year-old are extreme and believe she should be issued a fine or citation, the same as when other establishments sell alcohol without a liquor license.

Can she live? Seriously.

#Slay: University Offers Academic Course on Beyoncé’s Lemonade 

Beyonce 'The Formation World Tour' - New York City

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It’s clear that the University of Texas at San Antonio is part of the Beyhive—this semester they’re offering an entire class dedicated to deconstructing Beyoncé’s iconic album “Lemonade.”

Professor Kinitra Brooks, who is teaching the course “Black Women, Beyonce & Popular Culture,” will ask students to explore the theoretical, historical, and literary frameworks of black feminism” featured in the 55-minute film, ABC News wrote. In addition, students will discuss sociopolitical issues that impact Black women, discuss poetry by Warsan Shire and also talk about books written by Black feminist scholars including Patricia Hill Collins, Toni Morrison and Gloria Naylor.

And Brooks is clear: If students want a good grade, they’re going to have to work hard for it—this course is no easy A.

The tone and language used in this course will not be sugarcoated. I will intentionally provoke you in order to stimulate conversation and challenge your comfort zones,” Brooks wrote on her class syllabus.

You do not have to be a member of the Beyhive. I simply ask that you are willing to be uncomfortable — to have your thoughts and ideas challenged — and then to work/read/write your way through that uncomfortability in order to become a stronger critical thinker,” she added.

Hey, slay those books ladies!

#BlackLivesMatter: Trayvon Martin’s Parents Will Release Book In Jan 2017

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Stand Your Ground Laws

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While talk of Trayvon Martin‘s parents writing a book has been in the works or the past three years, their project finally has a release date: January of 2017 .

According to ClutchTracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton’s new memoir Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin will hit shelves on January. 17, close to what would have been Martin’s 22nd birthday and the fifth anniversary of his death.

The book will be published by One World, Random House’s “multicultural imprint,” whose editor-in-chief Chris Jackson recently told The Hollywood Reporter that “everyone who’s been reading the manuscript is in tears by the second chapter.”

It first brings Trayvon back to life as the full, three-dimensional, complex kid he was, through his parents’ eyes,” Jackson says of the book.

And then to the dark and confusing days following his death, which slowly transform into the blossoming of a powerful, historic movement for change and healing that we’re still watching unfold five years later.

Trayon Martin, 17, was shot and killed on Feb. 26 by George Zimmerman who was tried and acquitted of second degree murder. His acquittal sparked national protests and led to the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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