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Yesterday, a countdown to the unknown appeared on a website with the URL Coincidentally, the site popped up after the 2016 VMAs, leading fans to believe Drizzy, who presented Rihanna with the Video Vanguard Award, and the “Needed Me” singer were planning a massive tour or had created the site to officially announce their relationship … or something in-between. 

But then, both of the artists’ camps denied involvement. So who was behind it?

*Insert slow grin.*

Joanne the Scammer. That’s who.

When you log on to, a video playing Rihanna’s “Work” begins. The frame is fixated on white popcorn ceiling until the beat drops and Joanne the Scammer appears.

*Insert cry-face emojis.*

After telling RiRi to “shut the f*ck up,” Joanne explains why she created the site.

“I made this goddamn account. Because I am very pissed off. Drake? You acted like you were not at the VMAs. Only to surprise everyone, come out, and give Rihanna an award. Did you know I was there? Did you know I was there? Because I was. In my Kris Jenner wig. And you missed it. I’ve waited so long to take a selfie with you. And you weren’t there to take it. But you come out for Rihanna? I’m prettier, and more iconic, TBH. So fuck you, and our relationship is over, all right? Don’t email me again. Because I won’t respond. This website is a hoax, and now I can move on with my goddamn life.”

Touché, Joanne. Touché.

If this is your first time being exposed to Joanne, she is a character created by Branden Miller, who’s become wildly popular following hilarious viral videos shared by Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, and more.

We encountered Joanne the Scammer at the 2016 VMAs and she gave us this special shoutout:

Just when we thought we couldn’t love her more, she scammed us all.


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