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Last week, we saw German get emotional and reveal to Ahsha that he was the one who killed Olivia. This week we picked back up with that revelation, but German offered an explanation. He didn’t kill Olivia with malicious intent. It was a confrontation turned accident. Basically, Olivia found out about Ahsha rigging that contest between she and Jelena and planned to snitch so he tried to talk sense into her. The conversation got intense, Olivia pulled away from him and then she went tumbling over the banister.

Ahsha was shocked that German kept his mouth shut so long, but he reached a breaking point (because he has a heart). Now that the secret is out, it’s only a matter of time before someone else finds out.

Jelena and Terrence are still gunning for the Devils, but they have a different game plan (no pun intended). They’re trying to line up new allies to help them overthrow the Kincaids, and their new plan of action is to buy the arena.

Derek, the other man in Ahsha’s life, is still working hard to get her back. He thought she ghosted him (she actually did because she’s in an awkward love triangle that she doesn’t really want to deal with) and asked her “if she got a chance to speak to German, yet.” Basically, she didn’t tell German about their affair because she’s trying to delude herself into believing that she’s going to stay with German. Back at home, German told Ahsha out of the blue that if she wants to leave she can, and that she doesn’t have to worry about carrying the burden of his secret. Something is definitely up, especially with Ahsha thinking she’s being slick about her rendezvous with Derek.

Derek and Ahsha got it in one more time before the episode ended. She claimed that this was the real goodbye, but we know what’s up.


The episode winds down with a few scandalous moments. Lionel seduced one of Jelena and Terrence’s potential partners, but it’s all-good because Jelena and Terrence managed to buy the arena anyway with the help of someone else. They now have control of the Devils in a different way.

Ahsha cuddled up next to a sleeping German in bed, thinking everything was cool amid her web of lies, but she got more than what she bargained for when she went through his phone. You know what they say about finding what you’re looking for when you go looking for it, right? Well, here’s the deal, German had several photos in his phone of Derek and Ahsha together. He been knew what was up!

Finally, the episode ends with yet another trick of Oscar’s unfolding. Basically, he had some crooked cops set Sloane up to look like she’s actually the one who killed Olivia, so German might end up having to confess for real, for real.

And last, but certainly not least, Terrence might have a side baby with a groupie on the way. The look on Jelena’s face when the woman approached her, at about 1,000 months pregnant, looking for Terrence, was priceless.

We definitely have to wait until next week to see what’s up with this.



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