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Remember last week when Moe had a falling out with MariahLynn and Cisco at her single release party? Well, we pick up from there with tonight’s episode. The short of it is, she popped off for nothing. Cisco still left with MariahLynn even after all of that, and Rahshidah, Lexxy, and everyone else pretty much gave Moe the side eye. Moe was so over it that she took her problems to Treach, who is an investor in BBOD (raise your hand if you’re as surprised as I am by this). Treach told Lexxy that if Moe is making them look bad then she can be a financial liability because no one wants to be perceived trouble makers. So, the solution was for Lexxy to chat with Moe’s dad, who is also on the BBOD team, to see what he thinks about the situation. More on this later because you know there’s more drama.


Side note, Treach is still foine.


Tara did her “I’m Tired Of Being Lied to by Peter” one-woman act again by going off on Peter during his drumming session. She basically told him that she was dumb enough to move moved into the same building as Peter and Amina because she believed what Peter told her about wanting to be with her and closer the boys. Today’s edition of Tara’s one-woman act was the one where she said she was moving back to Queens and that she wanted Peter out of her life. Riiiiiiiight, like we haven’t seen this ending before.


Meanwhile, Amina reached out to her grown stepdaughter, Whitney, to discuss the drama with Peter. Amina asked Whitney if she knew that Peter was messing with Tara again. Whitney said she didn’t get that intel (as if she wasn’t going to ride for her dad, though), but she emphasized what we all already know (except for Amina and Tara)—Peter is a womanizer and this is what he does. Amina then revealed that she got an abortion, but Peter isn’t out of the woods yet (it doesn’t even seem like he’s aware of this at the moment, though). Word on the street is (and based on next week’s previews), Tara got a bun in the oven too.

But peep this…

Speaking of Tara, Mona Scott-Young flexed her sense of humor by setting up (or at least encouraging this set up) etiquette lessons for Young B and Cardi B.

Get this, Tara was their instructor as per her “business venture,” a media grooming agency–at least it wasn’t a clothing line, though. Cardi B acted like Cardi B…or Animal from the Muppets to put things in better perspective.


It’s uncanny, isn’t it?


Tara managed to keep a straight face while teaching them how to sip tea with their pinkies up–as if anyone actually does this outside of a debutante tea party, or the Queen of England’s palace–and went through interview exercises. Both women won’t ever be refined beyond the borders of their respective Harlem and Bronx streets, but the segment was entertaining to watch and Cardi B stole the show, of course.

The grand finale of tonight’s episode went down at DB aka Moe’s father’s house. Lexxy explained how Moe’s behavior is making the group look bad and he actually agreed that Moe’s ego has been getting in the way of progress. This was supposed to be a private conversation, but of course Moe “unexpectedly” walked in on it. Lexxy began rehashing her feelings about Moe’s selfishness, with DB’s cosign, and none of this went well. Moe got rowdy with Lexxy and her pops too (feeling like he should have had her back). Lexxy got so frustrated that she bounced, and pledged to go solo. So much for thotalalicious.

Anyway, #RemyandPapooseMatter! We need more of them. See you next week


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