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It looks like the singer and reality star is finally kicking Peter Gunz to the curb for good.

Peter Gunz is blaming Amina Buddafly for some of the huge problems in their floundering marriage. It’s already established that Peter and Amina’s relationship was in shambles before they ever signed up for Marriage Boot Camp. On tonight’s episode they’re going to talk about why it’s been a mess from the beginning. In a new […]

Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly have already gotten into a fight over his babymama Tara Wallace on Marriage Boot Camp. It took no name for Peter to bring the third person in their love triangle into the drama on Marriage Boot Camp. The Love & Hip Hop star and proud member of The Creep Squad […]

Peter Gunz almost left Amina Buddafly on their way to film this season of WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp. For some reason, Amina and Peter are still trying to make their marriage work. After countless breakups and makeups, Amina’s nearly endless tug of war with Tara Wallace over Peter, and Amina moving to the West […]

Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly might be trying to work things out (again), so they’re taking their troubles to WE tv. We can hardly keep up with Peter’s bed hopping, so it’s hard to tell who he’s with at present. Last we knew, Peter told Amina that he wanted to be with his ex-girlfriend, Tara […]

Cardi B and Lexxy come to blows while Amina and Tara are still trying to one up each other over Peter Gunz.

Peter Gunz is finally closing up shop, Remy and Yandy try to put their differences aside for Remy's sake, and more.

Just when you thought the drama on Love and Hip Hop New York couldn't get any more over-the-top, here comes some more news.

Amina reveals that she got an abortion while BBOD looks like they're breaking up.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with #TeamBeautiful, Amina Buddafly opens up about how 'Love & Hip Hop' has affected her life.