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Before Amina Buddafly made her Love & Hip Hop debut, she was one half of the duo Black Buddafly. She was a woman known for her music. It wasn’t until she became a reality TV star that the public became more interested in her personal life than her love-filled songs.

Amina’s marriage to Peter Gunz (who, at the time, was in a relationship with his baby’s mother Tara Wallace) became a household topic. Her reputation suffered.

Despite the drama that overcasts her relationship, her desire to sing hasn’t faded.

We caught up with the ‘I Am” singer, who opened up about her life since Love & Hip Hop.

HelloBeautiful: How has reality TV affected your life?

Amina Buddafly: It has shed some light on me as an artist and given me a following I didn’t have before. Tons of fans and people are Amina supporters. It has done a lot of good or my career, however it has caused a lot of stress in my private life and I have had moments where I’ve literally broke down, just drained. Being in the public eye is very difficult at times but I have learned to deal with the judging and negativity.

HB: If you could take back your appearance on LHHNY, would you?

Amina: I would not. I have had some challenging times, but they made me stronger. I have learned a lot about myself in the past three years.

HB: Do you regret messing with Peter Gunz?

Amina: I would never ever ever regret messing and marrying Peter. We have a daughter who would not exist if I hadn’t started this relationship. I would never regret loving someone. He might be the wrong person for me, but we have a connection that I never had with anyone. If he and I call it ‘quits,’ I will always cherish and remember the good we had because behind all the bullsh*t, we have had a lot of great times and memories that no one will ever get to see.

HB: How is Peter as a father?

Amina: Peter is the best father I could wish for. Although his life is hectic and his time is limited, when he is around the kids are happy. It’s that simple.

HB: How would you describe life after reality TV?

Amina: Just like life before reality TV. It does not define me. I was an artist before the show and I am going to be an artist after the show. Nothing will be different except I will have grown and I will hopefully have inspired some with my story.

HB: What are you working on?

Amina: Music. I will never stop making music.

HB: What can we expect from you in the coming months?

Amina: I’m just performing promoting my current album as we continue filming the show. I may throw out another music video and then get back to working on the next CD.

Catch Amina on ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ December 14 at 8pm on VH1.


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