George Zimmerman Calls The President An ‘Ignorant Baboon’ And We Want To Know Why He’s Still A Free Man

Closing Arguments Held In Zimmerman Trial

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So George Zimmerman decided to grace us all with his backwards-ass commentary on the horrible shooting that left two reporters in Virginia dead at the hands of an eccentric, volatile Black colleague. Zimmerman, whose profile photo on Twitter features a Confederate flag, tweeted that the shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan, was too much of a “daisy” to really address racism and that President Barack Obama was too much of an “Ignorant Baboon” to say or do anything about the incident. Zimmerman was even disrespectful enough to say that if Obama had a son, he would resemble the assailant.

I’m at a loss for words. I take it Zimmerman missed Obama’s comments about the matter during an interview on Wednesday, or that security experts are now saying that the shooting may not have actually been a hate crime against White people. No matter what, I don’t think there’s any reasoning with someone as bigoted and small-minded. Read more at The Root.

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