In light of the recent fraught discourse on immigration in America under Donald Trump, teen artist and writer Citlali Perez penned a touching piece on her father's struggle as a Mexican-American immigrant

Thousands joined forces around the world to resist Trump's inhumane anti-immigration policies.

Remember, slavery and internment camps were once the lay of the land in America.

The heat between Waters and the President turned up a notch after the California congresswoman encouraged her supporters to confront Trump officials who uphold the zero tolerance policy which led to families being torn apart at the border. 

A viral video shows a Guatemalan mother being reunited with her 7-year-old son after they were detained for crossing the southern border.

From Yvonne Orji to Iman, several Black women in Hollywood were able to achieve success in America while still paying homage to their native roots.

At least 17 states, including New York, Michigan, Florida and California, are housing migrant children.

Like Maxine Waters said last year, strong Black women "cannot be intimidated." And, we definitely can't be denied.

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President Donald Trump will hit the theme “building a safe, strong and proud America” for his first official State of the Union address.

There are over 800,00 people in our country who feel immediate fear and uncertainty because of the current administration's decision.

Telling the people of Texas and Louisiana "Good luck" as Hurricane Harvey rears its ugly head, y'all president would rather focus on promoting bigotry and discrimination.