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Feeling stressed out? Before you reach for those un-healthy chips, cookies, and sweets, why not have a healthy snack instead.

Here are 5 stress-busting snacks that will help relieve stress from the folks at

Stress less snack #1: Chips

What you crave: Potato chips

What you should reach for: Baked tortilla chips and salsa

Salty and crunchy, baked tortilla chips mimic the taste of our potato faves without the added fat and calories. What’s more, because they’re usually made with corn, they’re high in fiber and iron. Dip them in a sweet or tangy salsa (try this homemade salsa) to add a healthful zip (vitamins like vitamin C and magnesium) and you get a heart-healthy snack that’s packed with soul-soothing nutrients.

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Stress less snack #2: Frozen yogurt

What you crave: Ice cream

What you should reach for: Frozen yogurt

There’s nothing quite like a bowl of ice cream to soothe a stressed out soul. The only problem? Ice cream is loaded with a body bloating number of calories and fat. So instead of the creamed variety, why not reach for frozen yogurt? You’ll get the same icy-cool buzz with half the fat and calories. And because yogurt is loaded with calcium and tryptophan (which converts to the mood stabilizer serotonin) you’re bound to feel better after a few small spoonfuls.

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