Food is so delicious, that's probably why so many of us have a hard time keeping healthy eating habits.

Brandy is full of smiles these days. Her skin is glowing and her voice is stronger than ever. In between playing Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway and balancing motherhood, the iconic songstress maintains her physique and radiance by dieting and working out. “I didn’t exercise or take care of myself and my body […]

I know your homegirl has been downing apple cider vinegar to help her lose weight, but while that benefit is not scientifically proven, there are several health benefits in including more vinegar in your diet. So bring back your Granny’s favorite cleaning ingredient and clean up your health instead. MUST READ: Get It Crackin’: 5 […]

It’s the time of year when food is in abundance and messing up your diet is easy to do. But with a little planning and some tough love, staying committed to your weight loss goals is completely possible. MUST READ: INTERLUDES: Anthony Hamilton Brings Us ‘Home For The Holidays’ & We Want To Stay Forever […]

Praised as the most nutrient-rich diet for humans, rawism or raw foodism is a lifestyle many seem to be adopting nowadays. Unprocessed foods and uncooked fruits and vegetables make up 75% of this way of eating, and while this is clearly nutritious, many wonder is it delicious? MUST READ: Mind Over Diet: A Positive Attitude […]

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, your doctor will likely refer you to a dietitian who will help you make important dietary changes to control your blood sugar or glucose level and manage your weight. As a result, meal planning will become an important part of the daily maintenance of the disease, […]

Does this sound like you: Every time I stick to my clean eating and exercise routine for a week or so, I feel like I deserve a cheat meal? No judgement, you aren’t alone beauties. Treats labeled as cheats can too often be super counterproductive when it comes to your “Get Fit by 2015” goal. […]

Supplementing my FitGirl life is what I do beauties, both with all natural supplements and with all natural positive energy–which is why I adore both vitafusion™ and trainer and fitness expert, Keoni Hudoba. They’ve recently teamed up, so if you’re having a hard time swallowing your multivitamins and are looking for a multidimensional workout, then […]

My life mission is to help people do three things–adopt a healthy lifestyle, find  fun in fitness and become the best version of their RAD self. With that said, when it comes to accomplishing these three things, I have absolutely zero tolerance for shady scams and quick fixes. I strongly believe that the key to […]

There is one thing that takes up a lot of my mental space, even when I am working from home. That question is, “What am I going to eat?” When I was working for a real estate developer, and my schedule was very predictable, I was able to shop and prepare my daily meals well […]

Hollywood celebs are at it again–claiming the (fill in the blank) is the diet that helps keep them right and tight. Well today’s diet exploration is on the alkaline diet–also known as the alkaline ash diet or alkaline acid diet. Must Read: The Bar Exam: 6 Delicious Healthy Snack Bars That’ll Change Your Life Between […]