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If I had to place my overall inspiration and motivation for life into two camps, they would be my faith and fitness. So when I came across Professor, Pastor and Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade Ron Williams’ book “Faith & Fat Loss,” I had to write this story. The premise of my brand and the gospel of RAD Experience boils down to this: Transform your mind, transform your body, transform your life. No shortcuts or quick fixes allowed. Beauties, I truly believe our mind, body and life are all connected, so if you are looking for permanent transformations beauties, then this story is for you.

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Transformations Are More Than Skin Deep

A fat loss craze is currently in full effect ladies. Everyone is either on a diet, participating in a fanatic based fitness regimen or some insane combination of the two. However due to misinformation, manipulation tactics, marketing scams etc. many people are falling prey to today’s consumer based approach to fat loss. People are desperate to try anything, dedicated (for a short time) to exhausting regimens and in the end ultimately disappointed – all because, as Williams’ so accurately states in his book, “being overweight is only an outward manifestation of a deeper issue.”  I honor his vulnerability in “Faith & Fat Loss,” because by first acknowledging his childhood of abuse and disappointments and then turning them over to God, he has not only transformed his life but the lives of others seeking permanent transformations in their health and overall life as well. Simply put, many of us are walking around with unhealed emotional wounds and once they are addressed adopting a healthy lifestyle will no longer feel like a chore. 

With that said, transformations are more than skin deep and “change” no longer cuts it. For instance, drinking pumped up powder shakes for 90 days may lead to dropping tons of pounds, but what happens when you stop drinking those allegedly healthy shakes and all you are left with is a pissed off metabolism? This (amongst many other quick fixes) is the danger of “change.” However according to Williams’, “Transformation is more than just a change…if you only change, you have the ability to go back to the old way of life and to the old you. But once you are transformed, you no longer have the ability to be who or what you once were.” Ready to join team “transformation” and ditch team “change?” Read this book.

Break Every Chain

Speaking of transformation, I love how Williams also discusses the importance of discovering the root of your failed dieting efforts. Comparing our challenges to the tough weed – a dandelion – he makes his point super plain. For instance, our issues, like the dandelion, if left alone can and will eventually consume the yards our lives. You can cut the flower or go on a fad diet, but if you don’t pull this plant up by the root or deal with the different emotional challenges present in your life today, then the cycle of disappointment continues. So how do we overcome these stumbling blocks? Well there are several solutions, all which can be found in a book called Faith & Fat Loss

However while you wait on your copy let me leave you with this – learning what our hindrances and soul wounds are are the missing links to achieving permanent fat loss. I can attest to the power of this ideology, because once I started to see fitness and eating healthy as an integral part of my destiny fad diets and excuses simply went away. (P.S. Please don’t confuse the word simply for “it was easy.” The decision to change was simple. The work is hard…but worth it). Ultimately, today my spirit controls my body, not the other way around. So keep the faith sis and read this book. Puns wild.

Fat Loss For Life

So here’s the deal, Williams’ book is not another self help book. Amen to that. It is an actual plan, a step by step guide that if adopted will really work. No shady supplements to buy, no outrageous workout regimen to surrender to, just simple and practical spiritually based tips. Period. Everything you need for his 21-Day Jump Start regimen can be found at your local grocery store which in turn means that after those three weeks go by you an go on with your life equipped to experience “fat loss for life.” This is a win win if you ask me. In addition to this you will also learn how exercise doesn’t just mean fitness, how the food in your life coincides with God’s word and so much more. 

Spiritual Exercise

Now to my final point – beyond the food you consume and the hours you spend sweating, my favorite and most relatable component of Williams’ book is the importance of “spiritual exercise” – prayer. He talks about how when we are physically overweight we often feel sluggish and weighed down. Well the same applies for excess spiritual weight. Just like physical weight, spiritual weight can negatively effect us. But have no fear, prayer is a way to release that negative excess weight. 

For instance, when I started running years ago, like most newbie runners, I hated it. I mean why would anyone want to pound the pavement alone for miles on end. However once I started seeing that alone time as no longer painful, it overtime became spiritual. How did this happen? Well one day I headed out for a run only to realize that I left my headphones at home. I instantly thought “I can’t run without music.” But determined to stick to my set workout schedule I set out for a 4 mile run sans music. It was just me, the pavement, nature and my thoughts. Boring at first, however after mile one I literally drifted off into this silent space where only my breath and thoughts could exist. P.S. I’ve never experienced this while jogging to 2Pac or Warren G (although they are definitely my favorite running homies). So anyways, after being in this serene space feelings of sweaty peace instantly became transformative and ultimately a great distraction. A planned 4 mile run turned into a 6 mile prayer, and when I got home the last thing I was thinking about was that playlist I left behind. Long story short I’ve been running and praying for almost a decade now. 

Dress The Part: Active Faith

You already know that being a FitGirl fashionista is my life’s mission ladies, however there is one brand in particular that brings my faith, love for fitness and obsession with fitness fashion all together in one RAD way. Two words – Active Faith.

This Christian premium sports apparel brand based in Houston, TX was founded in 2010, and launched in 2012 all because Lanny Smith (founder, CEO) believed that “a dream deferred is not a dream denied.” 

Although a career ending injury has the ability to sideline many athletes in the game of life, Smith took his injury and simply changed the game. As the Christian Nike, Active Faith is not only functional and fashionable but also truly motivational. Professional and recreational athletes everywhere can be seen rocking the companies slogan “In Jesus Name I Play,” all while sweating in the name of their Savior. Lookout for this highly favored brand beauties because Active Faith is clearly just getting started. Stay active with Active Faith on Instagram and Twitter.

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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