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1. Celebrity Fit Club

Celebrities are just as fixated on fitness as we are. Many of them can’t wait to share their journey on social media and we’re here to eat it all up and figure out their secrets to staying snatched. From Usher to Mo’Nique, check out a few of our fave fit celebs who love to share on social media!

2. Morris Chestnut- On The Treadmill

morris chestnut

“Gettin’ it in this morn. 6am. #Grindin'”

3. Usher-Run It

“Usain Bolt NO It’s Insane Bolt #howUrunit” @howuseeit

4. Angela Simmons-Simple & Effective

“Getting it in @rustin1215_ !!!” @angelasimmons

5. Angela Simmons-Go Deeper!

“No games at all! @rustin1215_” @angelasimmons

6. Angela Simmons-Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

“I won’t stop! @rustin1215_ is no game !!!” @angelasimmons

7. Angela Simmons-It’s A Lifestyle

“It’s a lifestyle @rustin1215_ !!! #Teamfitness πŸ˜…” @angelasimmons

8. Angela Simmons-Determination Is Key

“Feeling determined after my workout !!! Not stopping till I see the results I want! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ” @angelasimmons

9. Angela Simmons-No Days Off

“No days off !!!! Spin class followed by circuit training !!! πŸ‘Š @itskatd !!! O yea!” @angelasimmons

10. Angela Simmons-Morning Training Sessions

“LA mornings with @forcefitnessinc !!! New waistband fun 😍😍” @angelasimmons

11. Angela Simmons-Live Life Out Loud

“I feel alive πŸ˜‡πŸŒˆ @forcefitnessinc” @angelasimmons

12. Angela Simmons-Pose For The Camera

“Saying goodbye to the beach before I head back to Nyc πŸ˜‡” @angelasimmons

13. Angela Simmons-Bend & Stretch

“Just wrapped my workout !!! Love it’s ! Fitness @rustin1215_ πŸ™” @angelasimmons

14. Angela Simmons-Ready For Her Close Up

“Going in at the gym @rustin1215_ on the camera :) lol” @angelasimmons

15. Jordin Sparks-The Fit Selfie

“I feel AMAZING after my hike/quiet time. Mind, body & soul! I’m so thankful for everything, where I am today & where I’m going! God is good! On another note, I mixed & matched my outfit…it’s weird but I kind of like it. Haha #speezyfitness” @jordinsparks

16. Jordin Sparks-Engages Her Core

“#Speezyfitness Another killer session at the gym! This wheel will be the death of me! Hamstring curl: lift butt in the air & pull your feet towards you in & out, repeat. Keep your core engaged! #getitrightgetittight” @jordinsparks

17. Jordin Sparks-Getting It Right & Tight

“#Speezyfitness Another way to use the wheel. Abdominal pike: start in plank position, keeping your core tight. Bring your legs in, keeping them straight & get your butt in the air! #getitrightgetittight” @jordinsparks

18. Jordin Sparks-Gaining Weight

“Onto the gym! 20lb weighted vest walking at 3.0 on 30 incline!! Still smiling!! Love this! #getitrightgetittight” @jordinsparks

19. Jason Derulo-Shooting In The Gym

“Undefeated today on that court!!! Yea Boi! I’m NOT loosing in 2014 maybe next year! Ha! My team @romeomiller @thejeremystrong @iamdecarlo” @jasonderulo

20. Jason Derulo-No Gym, No Problem

“They didn’t have a pull up bar so I improvised with two small white towels! Intense #fitfam #fit #gym” @jasonderulo

21. Mo’Nique-Always Motivating

“Hey loves. This band is working everything. We have no excuses. A mat and band. Love yall.” @moworldwide

22. Mo’Nique-Workin’ Those Arms

“Today was all about ARMS. OUCH. Love yall” @moworldwide

23. Mo’Nique-Keeping It Real, Keeping It Tight

“Hey loves. Okay so I don’t want yall to think for a second this a breeze. Babbbby this is kicking my a**. So worth it” @moworldwide

24. Mo’Nique-Makes Us Remember To Work For It

“Hey loves. WORK FOR IT! Love yall for real.” @moworldwide

25. Mo’Nique-Never Gives Up

“KEEP PUSHING. KEEP GOING. KEEP TRYING. Love yall for real.” @moworldwide

26. Mo’Nique-Showing Off What Amazing Looks Like

“Hey my loves. Today is amazing. We made it.!!!! Let’s Live yall. I love yall to life.” @moworldwide

27. Keri Hilson-Takin’ The Stairs

“stair sprints w/ @spicerpr. I’m beat.” @dreamincolor

28. Brandy-Getting It In!

“GINNITT IN!! @hozea and me!! #TheGameSeason7 thank you @guru_of_abs for pushing us today!!!” @4everbrandy

29. Brandy-Making Transformations

“Having the time of my life transforming my body! #hardwork #results #transformation #neverstop #eatclean #okenoughwiththehashtags” @4everbrandy

30. Jeanette Jenkins-She Is The Prototype

“Sometimes you have to change your perspective. ❀️ If you don’t like what you are seeing in life then try changing the way you view it. If you look for the positive then you will experience the positive. #positivemind #positiveenergy #perspective #jeanettejenkins #healthyliving” @msjeanettejenkins

31. Jeanette Jenkins-She Plans Ahead To Get Ahead

“Time to schedule your workouts & healthy meals for the week ahead! β€οΈπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ Week 3 of the #sexyabscardiosculpt with @kellyrowland & #QLChallenge has been posted! We loaded up on more fitness, nutrition & motivation tips! Just click the link in my profile πŸ‘†πŸ‘† and hit blog! πŸ‘Šβ€οΈπŸ’ͺStay committed & consistent and you will achieve your goals! ❀️😊#jeanettejenkins #kellyrowland #healthyliving”

32. Jeanette Jenkins-Flexible On Fridays

“It’s Flexibility Friday! Congrats to everyone for making it to Friday! ❀️😊πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠToday’s workout in the #SexyAbsCardioSculpt with @kellyrowland & #qlchallenge is the #poweryagadvd or your favorite #yoga or #flexibility workout! You can do it! 😊❀️Gratitude turns what we have into enough. ❀️😁#gratitude #jeanettejenkins #healthyliving #kellyrowland #positiveenergy” @msjeanettejenkins

33. Jeanette Jenkins-Fit Foodie

“”Beet, Apple, Carrot, Lemon Ginger Smoothie” is DELICIOUS! 😁❀️The ultimate #LiverCleanse the powerful antioxidants in #beets help detoxify the liver! This smoothie is also incredible for #digestion and fighting #cancer πŸ‘Šβ€οΈπŸ˜Š Amazing for the eyes, skin & a great #energy booster! Strengthens the #immune system and helps you feel great! Also a great way to get your kids to eat their beets! Try it!” @msjeanettejenkins

34. Kelly Rowland-She’s Got Friends In Fit Places

“WEEK 3 of #SexyAbsCardioSculpt Bootcamp & #QLChallenge is in full effect with me, @msjeanettejenkins & @queenlatifah! You can get a rundown of this week’s schedule at and No pain, no gain! Get it right, get it tight! πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜˜” @kellyrowland

35. Kelly Rowland-Drink Good, Look Good

“#FitnessFriday: I love a fresh green juice or smoothie after my workouts! Try this “Super Rich Smoothie” from my trainer @MsJeanetteJenkins 3-5 Handfuls of Spinach, 1 Apple, 1 Kiwi, 1 handful of Blueberries, 4 Strawberries, 1 Lemon with 1/4 of the lemon peel, 1 inch piece of Ginger, 1cup of water, 5 ice cubesand you can use any blender! It’s Delicious & Amazing for your body!” @kellyrowland

36. Kelly Rowland-Abs For Days

“You want it, you got it! We are extending #CyberMonday Sale to Friday! Get 50% off your purchase of #SexyAbsCardioSculpt and all Hollywood Trainer DVD’s just in time for our New Year 6 week Bootcamp Challenge! Get your Sexy Abs on with me and @msjeanettejenkins by visiting! Go go go go!” @kellyrowland

37. Serena Williams-She Knows How To Hang

“Hanging out after training” @serenawilliams

38. Mary J. Blige-Her Hubby’s Getting It In!

“@kenduisaacs getting it in. Third set of ten!!! No pain no getting rid of that Belly fat. Lol. @themarkjenkins” @brooklynnblige

39. Mary J. Blige-Throwin’ Them Bows!

“#Hardwork!!!!! @themarkjenkins” @brooklynnblige

40. Mary J. Blige-Getting Them Glutes!

“Gluteus! Gotta get it right! @kenduisaacs @themarkjenkins” @brooklynnblige

41. Mary J. Blige-Hard Work Pays Off, Look At That Body!

“#hardwork pays!!! @kenduisaacs @themarkjenkins @2daybefit” @brooklynnblige

42. Mary J. Blige–Work Them Arms Girl!

“Getting it IN! @kenduisaacs @themarkjenkins @2daybefit” @brooklynnblige

43. Mary J. Blige-She’s Got Legs & She Knows How To Use Them

“Getting it IN!!!!!! @kenduisaacs @themarkjenkins @2daybefit” @brooklynnblige

44. Michelle Obama-Let’s Move!

“”We need to get our kids moving before, during and after school.” β€”The First Lady with @theretireddroneal at a Let’s Move Active Schools event at Orr Elementary in Washington, D.C.” @michelleobama

45. Sherri Shepherd-No More Girdles!

“Nobody in this gym but me … I gotta encourage myself! #givingelipticallove #girdlesoontobegone” @sherrieshepherd

46. Sherri Shepherd-Dance The Pounds Away

“an Amazing @Zumba class w @LotionBars & won another battle w Diabetes! #teamhealth #feelinggood” @sherrieshepherd

47. Khloe Kardashian-She Works Hard Even When She Doesn’t Want To

“Wasn’t in the mood today but I still pushed through. #SelfMotivate #IThinkICan #fitness” @khloekardashian

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