The basketball star is bringing his faith into film with his next venture.

"The Womb" is wonderful because it specifically centers my womanhood and allows me to think and make decisions from that vantage point first." Kola Boof says of her faith.

A mother and daughter pair sit down to discuss what makes them feel sexy, what makes them feel sad, and the last time their faith was really tested.

If I had to place my overall inspiration and motivation for life into two camps, they would be my faith and fitness. So when I came across Professor, Pastor and Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade Ron Williams’ book “Faith & Fat Loss,” I had to write this story. The premise of my brand and the […]

To celebrate the last day of Kwanzaa’s principle of Imani which means “faith” we’re focusing on leaders who remind us we’ve come this far by faith. Missed a day?  Click on each principle to learn more. 1st Principle Umoja: Recipes for Kwanzaa 2nd Principle Kujichagulia:Self Determined Women Gallery 3rd Principle Ujima: Community Organization Gallery 4th […]

I have been going through the commentary on my blog, and I’m impressed that you’ve all taken time out of your day to read my ramblings. I thank you for the support and hope you continue to check out everything that Hello Beautiful has to offer. However, right now, yours truly is facing a dilemma […]