Kelis and her milkshakes made a surprising cameo at this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee and it had everyone laughing out loud.

During the national competition, one of the judges randomly quoted Kelis’ 2003 hit song while using “feijoada” in a sentence. “Tabitha discovered that while her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard … oh boy, wrong sentence,” Dr. Jacques Bailly said.

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The word, in fact, has no connection to the food-loving songstress at all. Feijoada is the name of a traditional Brazilian stew made of beans, beef and pork.

“Hilarious” Kelis tweeted in response to her honorable mention. “‘Milkshake’ made it into the National Spelling Bee lol!”

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Check out the funny clip below. The young man in the footage, Sriram Hathwar, went on to tie for first place with fellow contestant Ansun Sujoe. We hope they had a milkshake to celebrate the win!


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