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After a season of bickering, mess talking, and back biting the ladies of Atlanta all came to sit down on the couch with Andy to rehash the shenanigans. As we all suspected this first installment of the reunion was chock full of sass, denial and as per usual nothing was resolved.

From the start Nene was perched high on her horse where she seemingly peered down at the rest of cast. Fresh off of her run on “Dancing With The Stars” she looked to be unbothered by the regathering of her costars. Even when greeted by boss man, Andy Cohen, she was snippy and a tad bit surly.

Porsha’s got new boobs and of course my first question is how she afforded them. No alimony and no real job, did her new hair hustle pay for her perky twins? Looks like Kenya re-upped on her crazy by calling herself a Queen with the audacity to bring a scepter with her. That lady continues to baffle me with her behavior. As for Kandi, Phaedra, and Cynthia things seem to be the same – country, family, and sentences beginning with “Chile please…”

Kandi took some time to discuss the future of her play, “A Mother’s Love.” She also mentioned that Tyler Perry was intrigued and loved the music. Which probably explains why I do not think the play would be seeing the likes of Broadway any time soon. While I commend Kandi on her ability to bring her ideas to fruition I don’t think I’ll be catching the show when and if it hits Los Angeles. What I am looking forward to is seeing the wedding she and Todd planned, especially since word on the street has it that it was Coming To America themed. Kandi always reminds us that money or not, she’s as ratchet as they come.

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I did notice something about these reunion shows which is these ladies are quick to deny instances that have occurred on television as if we all haven’t watched these things happen. So when Andy asked Kenya about Velvet’s death, and she started crying I instantly thought – yup still crazy. I understand the attachment to one’s pets but truly Ms. Moore needs to stop with the doggie love and the imaginary tycoons and start trying to forage some real relationships, beginning with her fellow peaches. The constant lying and loud talking is not covering up her pain and the anguish she still feels from being abandoned by her mother, played by Walter, and ditched by anyone else. Which is why what happened between her and Porsha next did not shock me in the least.

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For the past two years Porsha has endured Kenya’s attacks on her intelligence, her marriage, and her life. Finally the berating got to be too much for Porsha and her new boobs so she took matters into her own hands. After throwing Kenya’s scepter, which should have been her first warning, Porsha jumped in her face and let her have it. Grabbing a fist full of that premium brazilian hair Porsha drug Kenya to the floor in one swoop. Then drug her across the floor while kicking and screaming.

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Porsha ended up immediately regretting her decision screaming “I’ve embarrassed myself!” while the girls tried to cover up her howls before she embarrassed herself even further. I’ll keep it real with you though, I do not blame Porsha one bit for attacking that battle axe. I cannot say I wouldn’t have done the same thing. A person can only take so much disrespect on a consistent basis before they snap. Kenya thought things were all fun and games until the whoopin she deserved found its way to her. Hopefully she can learn from this instance that everyone is not going to take her incessant mouthing off as lightly as she thinks they should. She’s been wanting someone to snap off on her all season: first she tried it with Nene, then Phaedra, then back to Nene and even again last night with Phaedra — who wasn’t taking the bait.  It was only a matter of time before someone let her have it.


We’ll see what happens next week when this all wraps up. Part two next Sunday, I’ll meet you there!

What did you think of part one of the reunion? 

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