This weekend I’m bringing you some of the sexiest films released. Playing on themes of sensuality, revenge, Masochism, cheating, secrecy and even insanity; here are five films that will give you a dose of sexual energy no matter what you’re into!


This serious drama will piss you off and turn you at the same (damn) time. A suburban couple’s predictable marriage turns dangerous when the wife has fling. The adulterers (played by Diane Lane and the uber sexy Oliver Martinez) share some steamy scenes that will make you blush! (124 min., R)

The Reader

While the plot of this film is actually quite sad and twisted there is a certain sexiness about it’s tragedy.  Centered around post World War II Germany, a young man has a summer long love affair with an older woman who then mysteriously disappears. 10 years later he encounters her in a court room and the secret they share can either land her in jail as a Nazi criminal or set her free. (124 min., R)

Dangerous Liaisons

Michelle Pfeiffer, John Malkovich, Glenn Close, Uma Thurmon and Keanu Reeves round out this 1988 classic tail of seduction, betrayal and revenge.  High stake games of passion are played among the rich aristocrats of France. (119 min., R)


Set in an insane asylum in the 1800’s this creepy and sensual film follows an inmate named Marquis De Sade who is institutionalized for what society deems as pornographic writings. Amidst themes of Masochism, sexual repression, Catholicism and madness, Quills will keep you on the edge of your seat (begging to look away) the entire time.  (124 min., R)


This sadomasochistic indie flick begins when a  former mental patient gets a job as a secretary to an overbearing lawyer.  Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader this 2002 movie pushes the boundaries of sexuality in the workplace. (104 min., R)


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