Beyoncé will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the formation of her sold-out international 'Renaissance World Tour' in the forthcoming film.

"What this film seeks to do is humanize Sandy as a person. I think that we achieved that very well," Sandra Bland's sister, Sharon Cooper, said.

Melissa C. Potter, head of Social Impact and Communications for Odyssey Impact, the organization behind "The Rape of Recy Taylor," has worked to bridge entertainment and advocacy.

The movie follows LAPD officers haunted by the ghost of a boy killed at the hands of police.

Duke Black Alumni created a space to discuss systematic sexual violence through this powerful documentary.

Women In Motion, a series of talks that takes place at the Cannes Film Festival, and draws some of the most acclaimed women who work in film, got a great dose of reality from actress/producer/director Salma Hayek this year. Hayek, who has always lead the way in various women’s causes, believes that top executives in Hollywood […]

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Steve McQueen made history at the 86th Annual Academy Awards as the first Black director to win a Best Picture Oscar for “12 Years A Slave.”  In an industry where most directors of color are overlooked or marginalized, McQueen is changing the status quo, challenging Hollywood’s perception of black filmmakers and their artistic capabilities. MUST READ: […]

Food and I have been engaged in a torrid love affair for the last 28 years. I’m passionate about it and I can’t get enough! The past couple of years, I have been in uber foodie mode, which has led me to want to understand it more than just–I eat whatever tastes good. Must Read: […]

This weekend I’m bringing you some of the sexiest films released. Playing on themes of sensuality, revenge, Masochism, cheating, secrecy and even insanity; here are five films that will give you a dose of sexual energy no matter what you’re into! Unfaithful This serious drama will piss you off and turn you at the same […]

It was 1997 when Love Jones premiered starring budding stars Larenz Tate and Nia Long, and almost 15 years later we’re still jonesin’ for the movie that came to be a definitive portrait of black love. Written and directed by Theodore Witcher, Love Jones was the first in a series of films in the late […]