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There is a group of people who never get enough appreciation or understanding for all they do–single parents! This week check out five of the best movies with plots that center around fathers and mothers doing it on their own. The Pursuit of Happyness One of the best films of 2006, “The Pursuit of Happyness” […]

From Rock to R&B, here are some of the most entertaining and heart-wrenching music-themed movies to curl up to this weekend! Enjoy! Walk The Line Back in 2005 director James Mangold brought the life story of musician Johnny Cash to the big screen. Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon (as Cash and his longtime love […]

The transportation security administration, known commonly as the TSA, was enacted after 911 for our protection but can be one of the most frustrating parts of traveling. Take your shoes off, throw away your liquids, stand in line…It all gets a little annoying when you’re trying to make your flight! Must Read: Join Us For […]

Want some history and drama this weekend? Look no further then my list of these five must-see period films! I’m talking grand costumes, old English accents, power struggles and love that you’ll swoon over. Enjoy stepping back into time this weekend! Elizabeth Set in England in the 1500s, Elizabeth chronicles the early part of “The […]

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season means you will probably be sleeping less, feel over stressed and eating much more. No Bueno! Cut back on colds, jet lag and extra pounds with these healthy holiday travel tips so there will be no regrets when you enter the new year! Must Read: WANDERLUSTING: The 5 […]

Christmas is here and one of my favorite things to do during this season is watch holiday movies! This week as you have family and friends over to celebrate, get some extra spirit in the house with these Christmas classics! From a black and white oldie but goodie to a raunchy dark comedy, Santa has […]

2014 is upon us and I’m a big believer in ringing in the New Year with a bang! Every year, several of my friends end up so focused on Christmas, they forget to plan for their new year celebration. So in order to get you ready for a new year and new location to spend […]

We can all agree that travel comes with stress. Throw the holidays into the mix and it can be the absolute worst! This year, it is estimated that 25 million people flew during the days leading up to and after Thanksgiving. Must Read: Get Gift Ideas With Our Automated Gift Selector With Christmas and New […]

Sometimes our favorite movies to watch are ones we know have no chance of ever winning any kind of awards. No tea. No shade. Maybe it’s bad acting or a storyline that just doesn’t make sense, but whatever the flaws may be, we just can’t stop ourselves from enjoying every second. Must Read: 7 Tips […]

Sometimes planning travel can be overwhelming and infuriating. When trying to plan multi-week trips I tend to get in a little over my head. I mean, c’mon, keeping track of rules, hotels, flights and trains can be a bit much! Must Read: BED HEAD: How To Properly Wrap Your Hair At Night For times like […]

Food and I have been engaged in a torrid love affair for the last 28 years. I’m passionate about it and I can’t get enough! The past couple of years, I have been in uber foodie mode, which has led me to want to understand it more than just–I eat whatever tastes good. Must Read: […]

Traveling alone can be a wonderfully freeing and fearless experience! I love wandering alone both domestically and internationally. You get to have new personal experiences, move at your own pace and grow as a person. Must Read: Why This Hair Potion Is A Must-Buy While I am all about women taking charge and heading out […]