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My anticipation for last night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop” was as high as Peter Gunz was when he made the impetuous decision to marry his side chick Amina Buddafly. It is for that very reason that I counted down the minutes until I was reunited with the casts’ cyclonic story lines. And deliver it did!

Just in case you missed “Love & Hip Hop” New York last night, catch up on the drama (or relive it), below:

Mrs. Pankey

We picked up precisely where the prior episode of “L&HH” left off–Amina Buddafly revealing her and Peter Gunz’s big secret– that they were married–to Rich Dollaz who was interested in possibly signing Amina to he and Yandy Smith’s record label. Peter, upset with Amina for spilling the tea, scolded her because he swore her to secrecy–mostly because he was still in a relationship with the mother of his children, Tara. But Amina just couldn’t understand why she was still being treated like the mistress when she had the ring. As in most side chick turned wifey cases, Amina took matters into her own dainty hands, doing what Peter promised to  do “tomorrow” and “tomorrow” again. But, to her dismay, she did more harm than good, because Rich (who was in a similar situation last season with Erica Mena) didn’t share her enthusiasm about the nuptials, he was concerned instead and didn’t want to be apart of their love triangle. Who would?

Rich presented his newly found information to his business partner Yandy who has a personal relationship with Tara. That’s when we found out that Yandy, unknowing of the situation, invited Tara and Amina to K. Michelle’s birthday bash.

Messy, hunty!

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