Peter Gunz Stops Amina

Amina Buddafly still felt like she was being treated like the side chick. Blink Blink. When Peter found out that she and Tara would be at the same party, he dropped everything he was doing–having father and son time with Corey Gunz–and ran to intercept their meeting. He caught Amina as she walked up to the cub and begged her not to tell Tara before he had the chance to break her the news–because after all that’s the noble thing to do. Side eye.

Amina cried after she realized Peter only showed up to the soiree to stop her from confronting Tara, which would have been a indicator to anyone else that he is only playing games, but hey when your last name is Buddafly, we don’t expect much. Amina never made it inside the party, but Peter knew it was time to tell the truth once and for all, which all goes down next Monday!

Lawd, that was some good mess. What did you all think of last night’s drama? We can’t wait ’til next week…

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