Peter Gunz Stirs Up Trouble Between Saigon & His Baby’s Mother

It wasn’t long into the hour before Peter Gunz went stirring up more trouble, this time between Saigon and his buxom baby’s momma Erica Jean. Gunz suggested Sai get a paternity test for his son and because Sai is as simple as his friend, the seed was instantly planted. Sai wasted no time bringing it up to Erica Jean while they uncomfortably conversed in his Benz outside of Erica’s house because she still lives with her father and he doesn’t support her and Saigon as a couple.

As Sai and Erica’s story unfolded, we found out that they didn’t have much of a history because they were both at a time in their life when they wanted to have a child–so they just did. They didn’t take the time to get to know one another nor have they established one since the child was born.

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