Even though Porsha is running around with her ring on, “hopeful about the marriage,” and trying her best to work things out – bless her heart-  it seems to be a royal wrap on her marriage to Kordell. Todd blames Kandi and the girls for instigating the divorce when they pushed her to go to the strip club in Vegas last season, but that ain’t it.

When Porsha gets back from the deposition she dishes with her mom and sister and ends up spilling  some disturbing things that Kordell admitted in court, for one: “She wasn’t home by a certain time so I locked her out.” Clearly he’s had some control issues that we’ve witnessed over the last season, but is this dude serious!?  Porsha’s mom said she knew something was wrong in the relationship when Porsha was in the hospital for a week following a miscarriage and Kordell only came to visit one time. “This man doesn’t appreciate a wife…he wants an object,” Mama says and then alludes that maybe he was trying to cover something else up.  Then Porsha brings up the long-standing gay rumors about Kordell. She admits that family and friends asked about it in the past, but she never believed it until now that she realizes he wasn’t really interested in her sexually. In the end it made Porsha wonder who he was interested in, then she tells her family  that her suspicions were “prompted by things she had seen and experienced.”

This should be interesting….

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Meanwhile, NeNe, who has no filter and zero chill, calls the way Kordell handled the divorce situation a “Queen Move,” during a lunch she planned to start taking  Porsha under her wing to offer support. Porsha doesn’t want to talk about her troubles at home and makes a brilliant move to deflect the conversation to NeNe’s wedding, and you know Big Sister NeNe was 100% fine with talking about it (again).

Porsha stirs the pot and asks why Kenya wasn’t in attendance at the nuptials. Nene said Kenya never responded to the invite or called to send her regrets for not showing up in the weeks following the ceremony. Kenya did find time to send a half-a**ed message about it on Twitter and you know Linnethia was not here for that!

UP NEXT: It’s Party Time (So You Know There WILL Be Drama)

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