Since we last saw Phaedra on screen, she’s had another baby boy, Dylan, and she and Apollo have moved their growing family — including 3-year-old Ayden — on up to Buckhead, Atlanta (which Phaedra makes a point to note is considered the “90210 of the South).

We flashback to Phaedra having an emergency C-section two month’s prior, and just like when she delivered Ayden on camera, Phaedra is full of quotables as she looks at her newborn son for the first time. My favorite:  “You just as pale as Michael Jackson right now, chyle.” Only Phaedra!

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Doesn’t look like there will be a “Sip and See” for the newest member of the family, as they’re dealing with having their house remodeled. Phaedra is mad, in general, that Apollo  is yawning and tired, while she’s taking care of two babies and “Working like a Hebrew slave” and the couple starts to argue about the household responsibilities.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, we get a dose of Kandi cooking breakfast for her fiancé Todd (pictured above). The couple, who has now been together for two years, start discussing work and Kandi talks about recording a song for Jennifer Hudson, while Todd is trying to get his next production gig with BET.

Todd points out that people “who don’t understand production” think that Kandi’s taking care of him, but is he really a kept man?! Not according to Kandi: “When people try to say ‘Oh Kandi’s a sugar mama or ‘she just wants to take care of Todd, it Irritates me.’ I mean, come on, I wrote ‘No Scrubs’, hello!” (Kandi, I’mma let you finish but if you remind us that you wrote that song, ONE MORE TIME  I might just scream — in auto-tune. We get it girl.)

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But the nosey folks of ATL aren’t the only ones talking about Kandi and Todd. Kandi reveals that Mama Joyce isn’t feeling her engagement, thinks it’s too soon and might not even come to the wedding! Kandi wants to hold off on the planning until things smooth over and I must admit, whatever this tension is between Todd and Mama Joyce doesn’t sound good! Mama usually knows best…

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