There's no love lost between Nene and Kandi in light of Nene getting kicked off the Xscape tour, Kenya Moore's husband surprises her and more.

The second installment of the RHOA reunion aired last night and it dropped us right back in the center of the hostility. Fresh from being dragged across the ballroom like a Swiffer sweeper, Kenya was still up in arms about Porsha’s reaction to her taunting. Sitting perched high on that blue velveteen couch she insinuated that […]

All’s well that end well…or not. For the past few months we’ve seen the Atlanta ladies go through a lot – vacations, divorces, mama drama, and more but last night it all came to an end. With Kandi’s play “A Mother’s Love” being the culmination of the season I would say that I’d be afraid […]

If there’s one thing you don’t it is call a man out of his name, we learned just how detrimental to an ego this can be last week when the confrontation between Greg and Peter got out of hand and Nene went for the jugular. Now that the crew is back from Mexico, Cynthia and […]

In last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the spotlight shined bright on Nene’s pettiness. After the charity ball debacle, Mrs. Leakes was on a warpath to ensure everyone knew that Kenya cut her deep with the shenanigans and she wanted to notify Peter that she wasn’t pleased with him, and on top of […]

Lingerie, liquor, and lies; the three L’s of tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta made for an explosive episode as Nene hosted a pajama party. But before all the hotel head bashing took place though I’d be remiss not to mention our favorite former housewife Dwight showing up looking ever as waxy and taunt as we […]

Growing up one thing that was always reiterated to me was that everyone would not like me, plain and simple. Not because there was anything wrong with me but simply because everyone just doesn’t mesh. My mother laid another foundation in me as well that in order have good friends you must also show yourself […]

We’ve all heard it before men and women alluding to having multiple people they’re dating and just calling them members of the “team.” Hell, many of us knowingly or not, have probably been a part of the team; and not as a starter or the captain. On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, […]

On last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the  ladies continued their “bonding” trip in Savannah, GA but they’re struggling to get along while they battle their own issues. Last week they were at each other’s throats over former boyfriends and the extent of their relationships, this week tears were shed over the […]

As the women of Atlanta headed off on a weekend getaway the bus pulled away from Chateau le Nene and in typical fashion when women get together the topic of men and sex rose first. With conversations about the frequency of sex in marriage, other wifely duties, and befriending the former women of your husband; […]

Check out what’s popping this week in the land of the small screen. Must Read: BED HEAD: How To Properly Wrap Your Hair At Night  We’re guessing that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey beef never really worked out for the “American Idol“powers that be. They’ve remixed the cast of judges yet again for season 13. […]