Meanwhile, Cynthia has outgrown her building for her modeling company, The Bailey Agency,  so she’s moving the operation to a warehouse that Peter just bought, called Industry Studios.

There’s just one small problem:  Peter told her he bought this building six months after he did it and he put up two-thirds of his and Cynthia’s household income to complete the purchase. *side-eye* This sounds like a recipe for their Season 3 drama all over again! “Everybody knows” (as Phaedra would say) that Peter can’t keep a business venture up-and-running to save his life.

Hopefully Cynthia’s saving up some of those Bravo checks for a rainy day! But for now she’s rocking with the new move and had a positive attitude about it. Well…until Kenya strolls into the business out of nowhere, during the middle of packing and after not talking to Cynthia in months.

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Kenya seems to have gotten amnesia between this season and the last because she was mad that none of the girls have reached out to her, in light of her eviction drama that made headlines this summer. Cynthia tries to play it nice by pointing out that, between divorces,  weddings, new babies and everything in between everyone been busy, but Kenya doesn’t get the hint so Cynthia finally has to keep it 100: “you burned a lot of bridges with those girls.”  Of course Kenya doesn’t take responsibility for any of that. Instead she’s still mad that NeNe invited her “ex-boyfriend” to the wedding.  “What ex boyfriend, what are you talking about,” Cynthia shades, before adding, “Walter!?”  “Yes, Walter,” Kenya confirms.

Before I can roll my eyes, Cynthia beat me to the punch in a confessional shot where she sighs heavily and exclaims, “Oh, Lord!” Right!? Do we really have to spend another season dealing with Kenya’s imaginary relationship with Walter?  Cynthia sums up my sentiments perfectly when she exclaims, “I can’t with Walter, I just can’t.”

UP NEXT: New Mama, Sugar Mama?

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