Cynthia had an all white-themed party (because you know Black folks love this party attire) at her new space and everyone was invited. There were plenty of air kisses an smiles to go around, until Kenya showed up late (with Lawrence of “Fashion Queens”) just ready for beef. “I don’t know what girl is going to get out of line, I don’t know what attitude is going to come my way so I just need to take a breather and go, ‘oh OK I’m ready for you, bring it,” she said and then immediately strolls up on Cynthia and Porsha pageant waving all up in their faces. Girl….

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The rest of the ladies took Kenya’s arrival as their cue to dip out and everyone looks for an excuse to scatter. Kandi says she had to leave to go tape “Kandi Koated Nights,” but made sure to stop to cackle with NeNe about their “Gone With the Wind” co-star, before she leaves. NeNe’s plan is to totally ignore Kenya and she picks the moment as the right time to ask Peter for a tour of the whole warehouse so that she can escape. Derek J comes to the rescue of Phaedra and whisks her off as the Southern Belle thanks God that she doesn’t have to deal with, in her words: “The Beauty Queen On Bath Salts” (ha! Everybody knows Phaedra  always comes with the one liners).

Of course Cynthia decides to pick that very moment to take Kenya, Porsha and Lawrence on a tour of the new Bailey Agency office (because it wouldn’t be TV if she didn’t) and  we already know they’re going to bump into Phaedra, NeNe, Apollo and Greg, who Peter is showing around.

When the two groups inevitably run into each other: NeNe still  tries her best to ignore Kenya but Kenya insists on starting something.  Kenya doesn’t say boo about missing NeNe’s wedding and instead launches into a tirade about how the past few months have been hard and tormenting for her as shes been dealing with an “illegal eviction.” “It’s like every time I’m going through something nobody even says hey, are you OK?” Kenya tells NeNe, who looks 100% unimpressed with the sob story. “I planned a wedding for 425 people, you didn’t reach out to me. I’m going through things just like you’re going through things,” NeNe snaps back.

Kenya tries to argue that it’s not the same but NeNe’s already done with the conversation.  With a perfectly timed, “Girl bye” NeNe saunters off to the bathroom as Kenya runs after her yelling, “you’re not going nowhere!” Kenya gets in NeNe’s face demands to know why Walter was invited to the wedding  and asks NeNe if Porsha’s husband Kordell was invited too. (Of course, Porsha’s ears perk up when she hears Kordell’s name as she decides to see her way into the A and B conversation. Smh!) “Don’t play games!” Kenya yells at NeNe, but then proceeds to act like a 5 year old and grab NeNe’s ear while demanding that she listen and then grab NeNe’s arm to try and make her stay to deal with the foolishness.  Now the old NeNe might’ve cocked back and popped her, but New Normal/Glee NeNe tried her hardest to keep it cute, and walk away…even as Kenya was at her heels.

“Gone with the wind is good and gone….and so is Walter,” NeNe calls out. Bloop!  “Go to hell NeNe!” Kenya shoots back.  Welp! So much for trying to show a different side, Kenya.

Tune in next episode when Kenya goes to court to fight her eviction, Porsha moves in with her mom, Cynthia reveals a condition she’s been hiding for years, NeNe calls Kenya out over texting Apollo and Kandi’s mom, Joyce, has a deep suspicion of Todd creeping! Wheew! So much going on!

What did you think of the season six premiere and are you watching more of season 6? 


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