The weekend went just as we had planned. Friends and family came in town on that Friday. We hosted a small gathering in the host hotel and then the young folk went out to a club. Not only did the DJ allow me to spin a couple of records that night as a “guest DJ,” I was also called to the middle of the floor to dance solo to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” I had a marvelous time!

The day of my wedding went just as planned also. I woke up to breakfast, went to have my nails done and returned to my grandmother’s house for prep photos and to have my hair done. As I did not have a bridal party, my hairstylist only had to do the hair of my future mother-in-law and my sister. Once everybody left to get dressed, she then did my hair. What I loved about this time is it was quiet. It was only me, my hair stylist, the photographer and my aunt in the home. My aunt busied herself with cleaning while I played music on Pandora, sipped Red Stripe beer and ate some soul food. Everything was chill.


I got a call from my coordinator that my make-up artist was at the venue and was basically rushing me to get there so she could do my face and leave. It appears she had plans to go out of town, but as I had already paid her and I was not about to be rushed, I kindly advised my coordinator to tell her, “Tough shit, I will be there when I get there.” On top of that, the AC was not working in the venue as well. Lawd have mercy!

As everyone had left, the only car at my grandmother’s house belonged to my sister. With no gas and no AC in it (in the dead of August), I had to say a prayer that not only would I get myself and my photographer there on time, but also that we would not run out of gas and that my hair wouldn’t fall. Ish got real scressful *Gucci Mane voice*

They had me basically holed up in a room in the wedding venue while I had my make-up done and as last minute touches were completed. I couldn’t even leave to go to the bathroom. My three best friends came to the back to pray with me and my mother and I also had time to just sit and look out the window to watch all of our guests enter the venue. I remembered seeing Tina Turner doing the same thing on her Oprah special that aired not too long ago on the OWN Network. She said it was a gift to be able to witness that, so I made certain to take that time to myself to see all of our loved ones coming for our nuptials.

So much was going on that day, I had forgotten to write my vows, so on top of scrambling to get my Spanx, jewelry and everything else on, I had to take a minute to sit and write my vows. I knew what I wanted to say, so it didn’t take me long at all to jot them down in my iPhone. At this point, I was ready.

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