Despite the numerous bumps in the road, we finally made it to our wedding day. My fiancé drove back to New York about a week before we were to be married. I had already left to head to my hometown to start and finish other preparations for the wedding. While I was gone, he settled […]

I am not certain about all engaged couples, but I can tell you something about this engaged couple: The wedding was almost postponed and also almost cancelled. We went through a very rough patch y’all, and I am going to tell you the truth. As previously mentioned, my fiancé took a position out of town […]

So here is the thing about being thirty-something and just now getting married; I ain’t got time to be worried about no birth control. I am not a spring chicken, so I have been extremely cautious about my consumption of birth control of the hormonal nature. I have also never been pregnant. I need to […]

As soon as I got engaged, I started delegating tasks to some of my girlfriends. My fiancé and I decided against a wedding party, so this ad hoc crew of “Bride’s Homegirls” was the next best thing for assisting in planning certain events surrounding the wedding. Our decision against a wedding party was three-fold. Number […]

Whoever said black folk don’t get married clearly hasn’t met my friends. My friends and I are witnessing a second wave of marriages and it is a beautiful thing, in my opinion. The first wave of marriages happened in our twenties, specifically when our friends were around 26-27 years old. Unfortunately, a majority of those […]

I will admit it; my reputation as a party girl precedes me. I am, well, let me rephrase that, I WAS a girl about town. If there was an industry event, I was front and center. New restaurant opening; I was one of the first people there. I even dabbled at promoting events and brunches […]

Word to K. Michelle, I had visions of molly whopping that chick over the head with a bouquet of flowers. HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU LOSE A WEDDING DRESS TWO MONTHS BEFORE MY WEDDING?!? I knew nothing good would come from me channeling my inner Tami Roman and hauling off on the owner of […]

I feel like we have reached the “Ish Just Got Real” portion of the engagement via the last three posts. In all honesty, being engaged, as fairy tale and shiny as it may appear, is also a very transformative time in your life. You are literally moving from a place of thinking for and about […]

As you know by now, I absolutely abhorred wedding dress shopping. It was all fun and games in the beginning, but as the months went by and I did not find anything within my budget that I liked. I became extremely discouraged. While planning a trip to visit my sister out of town, I asked […]

Before we got engaged, my fiancé as I decided to start couples counseling to make sure we were making the right decision about thinking about marriage. For the most part we have a smooth relationship built on trust, respect, love and compromise. Every now and again we have major arguments where we don’t speak for […]

Due to my Type A personality and our limited finances, we decided to fore-go a wedding planner. I am pretty effective and efficient when it comes to making plans and executing them and I have a bevy of friends who are great planners as well, so I figured with my attention to detail and timeliness, […]

So let me tell you also what’s not cute about wedding dress shopping…back fat! And the sales associates attempting to squeeze your size 10-12 behind into an already too-small size six wedding gown…chile! When the associates bring out those big electrical clamps to hold all your business in and together, it feels like Huck and […]