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Despite the numerous bumps in the road, we finally made it to our wedding day. My fiancé drove back to New York about a week before we were to be married. I had already left to head to my hometown to start and finish other preparations for the wedding. While I was gone, he settled into our new apartment and caught up with old friends for the last time as a single man

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The week spent in my hometown where the wedding was taking place was sort of surreal. It was really weird wrapping my mind around the fact that my wedding day was soon approaching. I mean, I was never the little girl or teenager who dreamt of her wedding day. I only got caught up in wedding hoopla when I dated my ex in my mid-twenties. So outside of that short period of time, I never had preconceived notions of what I wanted in a wedding or the whole thing other brides do, like wishing to look like a princess and have a fairytale wedding. There were two things important to me for my wedding day and those were my shoes and the open bar. I wanted my wedding to be a PARTY!

My entire family and group of friends from New York were so fabulous. They attended to whatever I needed and expressed sincere excitement the entire week leading up to it. To their surprise, I was very calm. I never once snapped on anybody or cried and made a scene like those crazies on “Bridezillas.” A few times I would have to smile at them and just say “I love you” and that was their cue that I was overwhelmed and please give me space.

My fiancé arrived that Thursday and we immediately went to the courthouse to obtain our marriage license. That’s the moment it got real to him. He was making small, silly jokes, but I could tell he was nervous. While we waited, we played games of Tic Tac Toe on some of the courthouse papers to take some of the pressure off. The good thing was the town we got married in is fairly small, so it only took us about 30 minutes to get the license and then we were out of there.

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